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Annette Blue
If you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to rock festival style florals without getting cliched, here it is. There’s absolutely no need to throw a flower tiara over your head and call it a day because that’s what pretty much everyone will be doing. It’s okay to indulge in that trend as well – just as long as you’ve also got your own individual look going.

Go for a wild flower power print when it comes to pants. This may a new trend, but there’s still time to don your look before the whole world gets to it first. You can throw on a plain white tee on top or go for something just as unique, like the piece of art featured on top. For accessories, take a color from the outfit and allow your bag and sunglasses to contrast. The Annette Weave Effect leather bag in blue is just the right shade for this look.

Vanessa Medium Tote In Leather Croc Effect Black
Here’s a dilemma every girl faces when she wants to look drop dead gorgeous while on a night out. You’ve got your ultra sexy dress on, your smoldering eye makeup and a layer of intense lip color. But your cell phone and credit card won’t fit in your clutch. Your bigger purses and bags are too casual to look good with your uber sexy dress. What do you carry? That’s where the Vanessa Medium Tote in Leather Croc Effect comes in. It’s black, so it goes with all those sexy nightclub dresses. It’s croc effect leather, so it looks intense enough for a night out, not like just some work bag. And luckily, it’s professional enough to carry to work! Win win.

Alexa Spikes Studded Leather Black
Every so often, there comes along a bag which is truly worth waiting for. Even when the style is already out there available for purchase, some women aren’t satisfied until they find the bag that’s the best quality possible for the price. This version of the Alexa bag is a new, improved version of the currently existing one. It has the same metallic gold studs lined along the bottom but the black color of the leather is more rich and deep. The leather itself is softer, shinier and more luxurious than ever. This never goes out of style so whenever you start carrying it, it will look as good as ever!

Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag Black
The Alexa bag is one of Baginc’s all time biggest hits. Everyone needs a black bag because this oft-worn color goes with many outfits. But your most usable bag can’t be one that’s so boring you get sick of it before you’ve worn it twice. The studded Alexa bag is insanely popular because it never gets boring. You can style it with all kinds of outfits – casual, glamorous, party wear and even business clothing. Somehow, it always manages to look chic and appropriate no matter what the occasion. What’s also great is how roomy it is:


Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag Black

Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Black

Some bags never go out of style. Even after the apocalypse hits and all that’s left of the human race is documentary evidence that we merely existed, this bag will become a symbol to represent earthling women. Because if aliens try to study what we were, they will definitely assume the chain strap shoulder bag in quilted pattern must have meant something to us if it was photographed so often on so many women on all corners of the globe. Or maybe they’ll start wearing this style too because they also won’t be able to resist how cute and trendy it is. Make anthropological history by getting yourself one too!

Superb Snake Effect Leather Ipad Cover
If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve been obsessed with your iPad for a few years now. Whether you’re still using the original edition or the latest one, it’s fun to dress it up in covers and change up it’s outward appearance. That way, you can keep experimenting and feeling like you’ve got a brand new gadget without having to mega-splurge with wads of cash. This snake effect leather iPad cover is the slickest cover we’ve got. This is the way to look like you’re a super cool double agent doing your thing in Mission Impossible!

Elsie Cross Body Leather Bag Beige
Whether you’re the kind of woman obsessed with bags or the kind obsessed with shoes, you already know that an accessory collection needs to be eclectic. A successful handbag collection needs a few iconic totes, at least two status symbol bags, evening clutches, neutral tone bags and at least several stunning black leather bags.

Even if you think your wardrobe is complete, you can never have enough casual cross body leather bags like the Elsie. This cute, nude colored leather bag snaps shut with a magnetic clasp. It has an adjustable single buckle strap that allows you to adjust the length with ease. The best part is the fact that it’s simple elegance allows you to carry it anywhere with anything.