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Lindsey L Continental Orangizer When you have the having a sexy bag part down, the only thing left is having a fabulous wallet. You certainly can’t whip out a worn out, ugly wallet every time you want to buy something! Our Lindsey L Continental Organizer wallet in brown is the perfect solution to your wallet woes. This organizer is made of the highest quality synthetic leather. It has many different compartments to help you organize your money, passport, credit cards, and receipts. Also, the beautiful woven pattern makes it perfect for every fashionista! Can you believe it’s only $17?

Miranda Flap Leather Bag Black

Just by looking at the Miranda Flap Leather bag, you can how much hard work and effort has been put into it to made it. This leather bag is hand quilted and made of the best quality leather available. It comes with a double link chain, making the bag versatile so you can wear it long, or like a shoulder bag. The Miranda Flap Leather bag comes in three colors: blue, black, and wine. Whichever you decide to buy, it will go with almost every one of your outfits, making it more stylish and edgy. Pair it with a bodycon dress, leggins and a flowly top, or boyfriend jeans and tank top. You can’t go wrong! Grab yours now for only $119!

Caroline Double Flap Leather-- Silver
Its hard not to fall in love with this bag! Not only is it extremely stylish and comes in five colors, but its made of genuine leather! The bag has two inner pockets and one on the back. The hardware has a deep black tone. It will go great with a short dark dress, especially if you’re going to a party. The other colors are perfect for daytime events. And the best part is its only $119!

So Soho Reissue Croc Leather Satchel: Black

Great news! Our So Soho Reissue Croc Leather Satchel is on sale! Instead of costing you $109, it will only cost you $89! It’s no doubt this bag is extremely stylish and fit for every fashionista. But what we really love about this bag is it’s built. Purely made out of the best, high quality leather, this versatile bag can be used as a handbag, or a with a shoulder strap. It comes in four colors: black, khaki, brown, and cream. The colors and size make it perfect for an every day bag. The crocodile print will make any outfit look trendier. This bag is essential for a complete stylish wardrobe!

 Melrose Glam Chaos Studs And Spikes Leather Bag: Black

Just by looking at this bag, you can see why any fashionista would love to have it on her arm. Keeping up with all of today’s trends, including studs, spikes, and leather, the Melrose Glam Chaos Studs and Spikes Leather bag is just to die for! The bag itself if made of cowhide leather, which makes it every sturdy and long lasting. The bag also comes with a long strap, which you can use cross body or just on your shoulder. Also, unlike other bags of this shape, this handbag has multiple pockets inside it, giving you a lot of room to organize. On our bag website, the Melrose Glam Chaos Studs and Spikes bag is only $159– a steal! Pair this with leggings, and over sized top, a stylish jacket, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

Robyn Cross Body Leather Bag Green

With spring on its way, there is nothing that will go better with your springtime outfits than a bright, cross body bag. This Robyn Cross Body bag comes in green, orange, white, tan, and burgundy. This bag has a very simple design, which makes it very classy and elegant. The cow hide leather gives it sturdiness, and a fixed shape. The bag opens at the buckle which is actually disguising a magnet. There is also a pocket on the back for your wallet. Pair this bag with a flirty, girly outfit. Don’t be afraid to contrast colors. This bright green bag will make everyone glare with envy!

adele flap bag

The Adele Flap Bag in metallic silver is one of out most fabulous bags. Its shiny exterior has us wanting to write sonnets about the many ways it can be rocked – to a club, to a party, to a fancy library. Smart girls can look fly too. The silver aspect of a traditional, muted flap bag is so unexpected that it comes as a surprise. And one of the most exhilarating aspects of fashion and being a trendsetter is being the girl who walks in changes it up for everyone else. Be the girl that makes heads turn and makes people realize how many ways there are to be different. Take a chance with this eye-catching flap bag, named after one of the world’s most fabulous and talented divas.

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