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The people who were growing up in the 90s are all grown up now and super nostalgic for the things that were in back when MTV ruled the airways. That means midriffs are all the rage again and you better be working on your abs. Neons are super cool once again and even if you don’t have a lime green tank to show off your arms in, you can still rock this Vanessa Medium Tote in Lemon.

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to rock a tote as fancy as this one. In fact, if looking like a stuck up WAG or uptight reality star isn’t your thing, perk up this glam bag with a youthful color to keep it real. Real trendy, that is.

Even though accessorizing can be a total chore sometimes, it still goes a long way in converting a look from simple to edgy. Even a simple t-shirt can go from childish to rocker if you grab the right bracelet. You simply can’t neglect the arm, neck or ear jewelry can draws the eye towards your best assets as well as to your good taste.

That’s why having a few basic statement pieces can be so useful. Instead of having jewelry in every color to match each outfit individually, pick out one in a basic color that will go with everything. Black leather with gold accents will literally look good with anything. Grab a Melrose Glam Sixties Wrap like the one sported by pop star Rihanna or frequent festival-goer Vanessa Hudgens.

When it comes to classic pieces to add to your handbag collection, Baginc’s got you covered. If you’re looking to add some trendy, glam accessories to your outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to stay within budget. This luxury designer-inspired handbag is made of genuine leather. Because of it’s superior manufacturing, it’s simplicity makes it look even more elegant. Grab yourself one of these and pair it with a retro monochrome tankini. After all, a trip to the beach or the poolside is incomplete without something glam on your arm.

Wrap Bracelets

baginc-melrose-glam-red-hot-5-wrap-bracelet-on-burgundy-leather-1If you follow any of the most popular style bloggers, you’ll already know that the most famous ones are not only known for their designer outfits, shoes and handbags but their fab accessories. That’s right – when you’re dedicated to fashion, you have to look the part on every inch of your body. A gorgeous mix of bracelets can amp up your look significantly. However, it can also take a lifetime to build a worthy collection. Speed up that process by throwing on a wrap bracelet. Baginc’s street style inspired wrap bracelet in red can be your starting block – the key accessory you can enhance by adding beautiful bracelets on top or bottom.

Bright Satchel
This is definitely the year of the brightly colored satchel. If you don’t have one yet, you’re really missing out. This must-have trend is available at Bag Inc in a variety of styles. This particular spin on the look is the Oxford Mini Satchel. Three of our fave colors are the bright pink, violet and aquamarine. The gold clasps add a touch of metallic flash to the look, making it completely on trend.

Every girl needs a stylish wallet. Even if you have yourself a crazy-fancy luxury leather handbag, it will start to look like a fake if you’re often spotted trying to rummage through tons of junk inside. There’s nothing that ruins the high class factor of a fancy tote faster than trying to find wads of cash before you pay for something.

Keep your look chic and pristine with a wallet that keeps everything organized – cash, change, credits cards and IDs. This Britannia long wallet in red is made of genuine cowhide leather. It’s just the thing to keep the inside of your purse matching the stylish exterior.

London Bridge Satchel Patent Leather
Every now and then, patent leather comes back in style to have a moment. Don’t get us wrong – it’s always in style – but sometimes it likes to take center stage. Recently, patent leather is having it’s moment. While all luxury leather handbags look stylish, there’s something about the glossy texture that makes them extra special.

London Bridge Satchels look so fresh, clean and pristine. It’s like driving away in a shiny new car. The pastel colors are the next best thing about this line of brand new Baginc bags. You can’t be blamed for wanting one in each hue!

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