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Katie Holmes was a fashionista in full-force in the early years of the TomKat whirlwind romance. In the last few years, the actress has seemed like she’s deathly tired of the media attention. To ward off press attention and paparazzi hound dogs, the young mom stopped stepping out looking like a million bucks.

It seemed like she just wanted to blend in and be left alone. Now and then however, she’s spotted carrying a cool bag or wearing interesting shoes. Bags seem to be more of her thing though. (She’s been spotted wearing the same boots all of last season, shockingly.)

This bag has two flaps and creates the funny illusion that the viewer’s vision has doubled. The optical trick makes you look at it more intensely, a cooler way of getting someone to notice your bag than having a logo plastered on it. This quirky design shows that the bag isn’t just a run of the mill mass-produced item, it was designed by someone who puts thought and creativity into their work.

Even though Katie looks like a miffed superstar with her oversized sunglasses, cold steely glare and designer bag, she’s traveling on New York’s subway like an ordinary commoner just like the rest of us. Seems like a woman who is grounded, down to earth, highly fashionable but very weary of the media scrutiny, even though some speculate she engineers her life to keep public interest growing. What do you make of this leading lady and her complicated yet intriguing life and fashion sense?


Amanda Seyfried was spotted around LA wearing a very casual outfit but carrying a very trendy bag which kept her look from looking grungy and made her look like the celeb she is instead.

The bag on her arm follows the latest trend from designer bags – no visible logo. The sides are dark brown suede, the front panels are brown leather and the base is grey. Maybe people grew tired of the less than subtle LV bags seen on the likes of Paris Hilton.

We’re liking the look of logo-less bags. They look just as stylish and expensive as monogrammed bags but give the message that the wearer is so fabulous they don’t need to remind people how well they’re doing. The shape, color, materials and gold touch do all the talking.

Here she is in the promo poster for her latest film Les Miserables, which has been making waves since before it even started filming. This one’s gonna be big!



Nicole Ritchie stepped out in New York a few days ago carrying this sleek black bag. Her no-nonsense updo gave her the look of a serious glamazon and her fierce booties upped the look to the next level.

For those wondering how to carry a glamorous bag without flaunting the logo, this is one way to do it. Sleek, clean cuts and an outfit that doesn’t obscure the accessories.

The top seems simple but it’s bang on trend – sheer blouses and fancy dresses are super trendy these days. As long as the important bits are covered, the sheer look is quite sexy while still a bit demure. Intriguing without being too scandalous!


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