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Dangerous Love Top Handle
When you’ve got a bag called the “Dangerous Love” top handle bag, you know you’ve got to get a little creative with your outfit choices. Sure, you can be the girl who’s too cool to care, but it’s a lot more fun to go all out and dress it up. The look we’ve created above is stylish and edgy to help you skip the line at the world’s hottest clubs just for being drop-dead good looking. If you were wondering how to do a dangerous animal print, it’s not by toning it down, it’s by embracing it and loving your wild side.

Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Black

Shirley Top Handle Bag In Perforated Leather Black

There are very few bags which have as much character and personality as the Perforated Shirley Top Handle Bag. This stylish accessory is so much more than just another black leather bag – it’s a creative work of art. The pattern is not random but intricately and meticulously designed. There is beauty in the chaos. Even if you keep your outfit simple, this bag will do all the work to make you look chic.





Rihanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Swirl Arms Oversize Sunglasses Leopard
Rihanna’s recently been embroiled in a Twitter battle with Amanda Bynes, who threw some pretty nasty insults at the pop star. Instead of fighting back and getting just as dirty, Rihanna made shot back a quip directed at nobody in particular, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Girl knows how to throw shade so it’s no surprise her literal shades are pretty smokin’.

She has the glam swirl oversize sunglasses in solid black and leopard. While black goes with everything, leopard looks really good when you’re lounging around on a yacht. The look is casual yet super chic if you want to try a new style that’s definitely unique.

We were so in love with Elle Macpherson’s look that we wanted to replicate it, but we found out that her Yves Salomon Goat Fur Vest cost $1,300 alone! No telling what the rest of her outfit cost. If you want to replicate Elle’s perfect fall look (a bit of animal print, chunky booties, and a fur vest make this look completely of-the-moment), but don’t want to drop thousands of dollars, check out how to achieve the same style on a budget. Instead of her designer leopard print bag, we used our City Metro Tote ($35) in our style set:


Steve Madden Carlsen, $90

Chalet Turtleneck Sweater, $59.50

Faux Fur Vest, $55

Metro City Leopard Print Tote, $35

AJ Morgan Women’s Nu Jak Oversized Sunglasses, $20

3-Button Tab Skinny Jeans, $19.80

= $279.27

Animal print is one of the hottest trends for Fall Fashion 2010. Runways were crowded with leopard, zebra, cheetah, and tiger print ensembles from the industry’s top designers.

(From Left to Right) Dries Van Noten, Roberto Cavalli, and Dolce & Gabbana

This trend has also been a favorite among the more style-conscious celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Allen, and Victoria Beckham.

It’s our job to present the trends to you in an affordable price range. We have a huge selection of animal print bags available right now. Stay current in one of these fabulous purses:

Metro City Leopard Print Tote

Jungle Flower Leopard Print Hobo

Alexy Crossbody Leopard Print

Runway Show Zebra Print Tote

So Feline Chain Shoulder Bag

Working Girl Suede Leopard Clutch

Laeticia C Mini Pop Animal Print Leather Bag Brown

Montgomery Studded Animal Tote