Style Watch: Chanel Tribeca Dinner Party

| April 27, 2011 at 1:22 AM

When you’re invited to the famous Chanel Tribeca Dinner Party, you better believe you’ve gotta dress to the nines. It’s what’s expected. Unlike the faux pas of wearing a band t-shirt to see the same band play live in concert, it is perfectly acceptable to wear the designer to the designer’s event. The red, or should we say black carpet at the event was studded with celebrities, fashionistas, models and fashion editors all dressed to impress.

Zoe Kravitz



Zach Braff & Taylor Bagley



Rose Byrne



Nina Garcia



Naomi Watts & Myfanwy Edwards



Lauren Hutton



Harley Viera Newton



Chloe Sevigny



Chira Clemente



Adrien Brody

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