Style Stealer: Mila Kunis

| January 4, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Mila Kunis has been a minute blip on the American pop culture radar for over a decade since she was cast in That 70’s Show as Jackie. She also did the voice of Meg in Family Guy. Since her time on television, she remained relatively invisible until she landed a supporting lead role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall – a role which launched a million crushes. Guys everywhere were suddenly more aware of Mila Kunis than they ever had before. Yet, it is her latest co-starring role with Natalie Portman in Black Swan that has made her a household name.


Besides Mila Kunis’s acting chops, and gorgeous looks, it is her youthful appearance that sets her apart. It’s hard to place her age – many have guessed she is as young as 16 years old, but this actress is 27. Her youthful apperance is accentuated by her fresh approach to personal style. She is always off-the-charts gorgeous, and she radiates happiness and a good personality. She favors body-skimming dresses, neutral shades, classic, clean lines, and cozy casuals. Kunis favors simplistic style in a big way. Even on the red carpet she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry or heavy makeup. This helps her look youthful and down-to-earth. When she’s not wearing a glamorous, tight-fitting gown, she’s often in torn up jeans and a t-shirt. Kunis is the girl to emulate if you like to switch between clean glam and tomboy casual attire.





Here we show you how to cop her look, and we accessorize with some of our own bags that we think fit her style:



Mila Kunis Style



For her look, you’ll only need a messenger bag (for casual days) and a simple clutch (for formal days). We used our So Soho Leather Satchel, and our Royal Crown Clutch in this set.

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  1. Elena says:

    Love her style!

  2. Jade C. says:

    Mila Kunis is gorgeous and looks great in anything. She’s so effortlessly chic.

  3. Jenna Benjamin says:

    Cute, Mila is so gorg.

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