Street Style from our Favorite Celebrities

| November 18, 2011 at 1:07 AM

Wonder what celebrities wear when they’re not strutting the red carpet? What kind of ensembles do they put together without the help of an entourage of stylists and makeup artists? This is what our bi-monthly street style feature shows: celebrities in their own clothes:


Selma Blair

Pippa Middleton

Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie

Mandy Moore

Kirsten Dunst

Jessica Alba

Ashley Tisdale

Ashlee Simpson

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  1. Jewel BeginnerMua Dennis says:

    I feel they all did a pretty decent job without stylists . I LOVED Snooki’s dress, it really contoured her curves and I felt was very flattering to her. I loved Kirsten Dunst`s look from head to toe. Something very classic about it, and nothing grabs more attention than a pair of red lips !

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