RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag in Red

| April 15, 2013 at 4:41 PM

RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag Red

Nicky Hilton

If you haven’t been following Coachella street style, we’ll break it down for you real quick. It’s a three day music fest and every 20-something celebrity across America has been spotted there over the weeked. (That’s a lot of pretty heads nursing hangovers this Monday morning.) Add the entire world’s fashion blogger royalty and you have a TON of festival style pictures to take notes from.

The statement we saw nearly everyone making is that denim cutoffs (or jorts) are very, very in. The more shredded they look, the better. Ankle boots, cowboy boots, flower headbands, and bright colors are all very in. And Nicky Hilton, heiress extraordinaire surprised us by showing up with the RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag in Red. The studs are what really separates it from a regular tote. And since most people actually have to work for a living (or at least go to college to learn how to work), they don’t like peeping Toms knowing whats in their bag. Hence, we decided to forego the clear version and present to you the fiery red hot version.

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