Rihanna Style

| April 1, 2012 at 12:37 AM

Rihanna is without a doubt, one of the world’s foremost trendsetters. She boldy tries on new looks all of the time, from ombre hair to Minx nails – and soon everyone adopts her daring style. She seamlessly blends hip hop, retro, hipster and haute couture looks in surprising ways. This post is a tribute to Rihanna’s fashion sense, with a few suggestions for Rihanna-esque pieces you can accessorize with to get a little closer to Rihanna Style.


Edgy Rihanna:

Melrose Glam Samurai Tote Bag

Retro Rihanna:

Supermodel Pick Quilted Leather Flap Bag

Hip Hop Rihanna:

Never Full Leopard Printed Leather Tote

Hipster Rihanna:

Dolores Leather Shoulder Bag

Good Girl Rihanna:

Coveted Leather Bag

Bad Girl Rihanna:

H World Cowhide Leather Studded Bag

Elegant Rihanna:

Grace Croc Leather Flap Bag

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