Peaches Geldforf is Scary Skinny

| September 18, 2011 at 10:01 AM

It always makes tabloid headlines when a celebrity undergoes a radical transformation in appearance. Think Britney shaving her head, Janet Jackson’s weight gain, etc. This time, the celebrity at the center of a weight-loss storm is socialite Peaches Geldorf. Known for her free-flowing, hippie ways and boho fashions, Peaches has always been a rather normal looking celebrity as far as weight goes. But, at New York Fashion Week she debuted a new look, which showed dramatic weight loss.




Tabloids speculate that it is due to drugs, since she is known for having a bit of a habit. However, she insists it is due to diet and exercise and tweeted the following.

“Eating most massive bowl of cornflakes ever. So many cereal choices but in the end u can’t beat a good ole’ fashioned bowl of corn flakes…”

“And yes, ive seen ludicrous tabloid ‘reports’ 2day &no,im not thin cause im a crazed junkie from hell.Im thin cause I eat right.”

“But I do agree that ‘crazed junkie from hell’ is far more interesting than ‘I like to eat fruit and veg more than cheeseburgers.”

The sad part is that anyone cares in the first place. It’s a systemic problem, one that is at the root of a lot of ill in society. That we place so much importance on anyone’s weight is at fault here. Then, if someone loses a drastic amount of weight, we get all riled up. Peaches Geldorf is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.


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