Nice Day for a White Wedding

| July 27, 2011 at 2:11 PM

Summer months fill up quickly with invites since this is the most popular season for weddings. If you’re stumped as to how to dress for a wedding, we’ve come to the rescue! Follow a few quick rules of thumb and you’ll be able to navigate wedding style with ease.

1) Never upstage the bride. This means no white dresses and nothing fancier than the Vera Wang she’s wearing.

2) Single women often treat weddings like a man-buffet, but being on the prowl for a significant other is no reason to dress immodestly at a wedding. Stick with modest looks – most men prefer it anyway!

3) Dress simply and let your fabulous accessories complete your outfit. You can easily make one great dress work for all the weddings on your social schedule by simply rotating the types of accessories you wear with it. All items in our style sets are under $100!

We put together three wedding-appropriate looks, and accessorized with three chic Baginc bags:


Romantic Wedding Look

Ruched jersey dress
$35 –

2 Lips Too t strap heels
$80 –

Hand made jewelry
$62 –

Miss Selfridge coral jewelry
£8.50 –






Beachy Wedding Look


Knitted Dove stripe dress
$89 –

DV by Dolce Vita wedge heel sandals
$79 –

Aldo jewelry
$12 –

Juicy couture hat
$85 –





High Society

High Society Wedding Look


Dorothy Perkins flare dress
£50 –

Bebe tan wedge
$95 –

Dara Ettinger long jewelry
$70 –

Fornash south sea pearl jewelry
$68 –

J Crew chain jewelry
$58 –

COLLECTION XIIX hot pink hat
$38 –



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  1. Burcin says:

    I never thought that purple and pink go together, but I guess they can. I really like the second look, turquoise was THE color this summer in my view. Does Bag Inc have a turquoise bag? Those are totally in right now too.

  2. Sianna says:

    The wedges and the dress from the second combination are amazing. Very pretty colors.

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