Miranda Flap Leather Bag

| February 15, 2013 at 4:44 PM

Miranda Flap Leather Bag Black

Just by looking at the Miranda Flap Leather bag, you can how much hard work and effort has been put into it to made it. This leather bag is hand quilted and made of the best quality leather available. It comes with a double link chain, making the bag versatile so you can wear it long, or like a shoulder bag. The Miranda Flap Leather bag comes in three colors: blue, black, and wine. Whichever you decide to buy, it will go with almost every one of your outfits, making it more stylish and edgy. Pair it with a bodycon dress, leggins and a flowly top, or boyfriend jeans and tank top. You can’t go wrong! Grab yours now for only $119!

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