Lindsay Lohan: International Jewel Thief?

| February 2, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Lilo should be careful calling the police and reporting the paparazzi when she’s in possession of stolen goods! It has been reported by a store Lohan recently visited in Venice Beach, that after Lohan wore a necklace in the store, it turned up missing. This piece of jewelry is worth $5000 and the store wants it back! With security camera footage of Lohan wearing the necklace, the store has some proof to back up its claims.

Lohan has been known to make off with jewelry, accessories and clothes from previous photo shoots before, much to the chagrin of the magazine editors who put her in their top stories. We know a sense of entitlement tends to follow the rich and famous – who can afford everything but get most of it for FREE anyway – but this is ridiculous! Is her career so ruined that she can’t afford her own jewelry now?

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