Keeping up with Kelly

| December 15, 2010 at 2:52 AM

When The Osbournes first debuted on MTV in 2002, it was a revolution in American television programming. It was the first reality-based television show centering on the every day life of a celebrity family. Whether it was watching Sharon with her dogs, Jack being rebellious, Ozzy stumbling around, or Kelly pouting – America was riveted. It spawned hundreds of imitators. Think about it: if it weren’t for The Osbournes there would be no Kardashians.
Kelly Osbourne quickly became a common paparazzi obsession, and the media documented and scrutinized her weight, hair color and clothing choices with a tenacity. Yet, just as quickly as she came into our lives, she was gone again. She faded quickly from the spotlight in 2005 when the show ended. Remember her “promising” career as a singer? Her muched talked about Papa Don’t Preach music video? It wasn’t that long ago that she was achieving a certain level of notoriety in the fashion world. She had an avant-garde sense of dress coupled with typical teenage mall-goth fare. She’s put the pink hair behind her (for the present). She’s now back on the scene and looking cuter than ever.

When she’s not looking polished and gorgeous, she goes for comfortable scene-kid attire. On most girls this hipster look is tired. But, Kelly Osbourne is true rock royalty, and with her attitude and confidence, she can really pull it off. We are loving this new, hip Kelly Osbourne. Keep it coming, Kelly!

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  1. Jade C. says:

    I’ve never thought of Kelly Osbourne as a fashion icon, but she does look cute in a lot of these photos. Props to her.

  2. Jessica Dearnley says:

    I’m so happy for Kelly Osbourne. Having lost a lot of weight myself, i can understand what confidence boost it can be and shes looking great lately.

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