Katy Leather Tote in Burgundy

| March 31, 2013 at 7:38 AM

Katy Leather Tote Burgundy

This Katy Leather tote in Burgundy is absolutely fabulous for two specific reasons. One, the shape. It looks so expensive yet it isn’t. The size, cut and materials come together to create a fancy, elite footballer’s wife or billionaire heiress look that you can have without paying big bucks.

Second, the color. We love, love, love this shade of burgundy. It’s not quite red wine and it’s not radish burgundy either. It’s on the soft mauve side of burgundy, much like that elusive shade of lipstick you love but can never quite find because it’s always either too expensive or out of stock. Well, we’ve found it and it’s in the shape of a handbag. One, please!





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