Kate Moss’s Suede Tote gets a run for its money

| January 23, 2012 at 2:27 AM

Kate Moss’s suede top handle tote gets a lot of love from this celebrity! She’s frequently been spotted with it this winter. We have a suede top handle tote, too, only $54! Check out the So Soho Suede Leather Shoulder Bag that just has Kate Moss written all over it. If you want to grab some of her polish and poise, start with this tote!



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  1. Jewel BeginnerMua Dennis says:

    WOW ! This bag is a VERY nice replica . The stitching is amazing. I can only imagine how soft it feels .

  2. Tatjanochka says:

    This is such stylish bag! Kate knows what is awesome.

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