Grammy Greatness

| February 15, 2011 at 6:02 PM

We love award show season. The glitz and glamour of the red carpet go straight to the heart of our love for celebrities, gossip and fashion. There is no red carpet event we look forward to more than the Grammys, since most musicians have the freedom to experiment with really avant-garde style. As much as we love looking at the pretty gowns present at the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, SAG Awards and BAFTAs, it’s really the Grammys that capture red carpet creativity the best. Here you can expect funky, crazy fashion and a mixed bag of eclectic styles and tastes.

Here is our round up of the best looks from the 2011 Grammy Awards:


Adam Lambert


Cyndi Lauper

Eva Longoria

Florence Welch

Janelle Monae

Jenna Ushkowitz

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony

John Mayer

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry

Kelly Osbourne

Kim Kardashian



Natasha Bedingfield

Naya Rivera

Nicki Minaj

Nicole Kidman


Selena Gomez


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  1. Jade C. says:

    Eva Longoria always plays it safe. I want to see her in more daring colors! She has a gorgeous figure, so she could flaunt a lot of more daring choices and still look great. Selena Gomez looks fabulous here.

  2. violet says:

    this bag is so classic and awesome. i dream of buying it when i will have a job

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