Gossip Corner: The Good and The Bad

| March 2, 2011 at 5:51 PM

The Good:

Jennifer Hudson and her cute little baby boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr., have been spotted in public for the first time since she gave birth to him! Don’t they look so happy together?



The Bad:

Renowned fashion designer, John Galliano, got the boot from his job at Dior this week when he was caught making drunken racial slurs against Jewish people and praising Hitler. Man, what a way to go! Talk about burning bridges!


Christina Aguilera was arrested yesterday for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence. This singer has had her share of drama this year, and this is just the tipping point.

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  1. Jade C. says:

    Oh Galliano… Shame on him.

  2. janine says:

    galliano…what a mess

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