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| January 11, 2012 at 9:15 PM

Lindsay Lohan, who just posed in a Marilyn Monroe inspired Playboy shoot, is set to take on another Old Hollywood icon. This time, she’s up for the part of Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Elizabeth and Richard: A Love Story”. Many Taylor fans are outraged at the choice, but there are undebiable similarities between Lohan and Taylor. Both of them started acting a very young age, and both of them stayed consistently in the tabloids due to their “unladylike” antics. Perhaps Lohan’s meandering and troubled path through life makes her the perfect starlet to play Taylor. What do you think?

Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world over the weekend. Their baby girl, named Blue Ivy, has already caused a worldwide sensation. Congratulations to the two on the new addition to their family!

Evan Rachel Wood and Jaime Bell are finally tying the knot! The duo announced their engagement this week. Wood and Bell had been dating on and off since they met on the set of a Green Day music video in 2005. That’s a pretty lengthy courtship by Hollywood standards. Good luck to the two and congratluations!

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  1. B Nikki says:

    The song Jay-Z wrote for his daughter is beautiful. He’s really a proud papa!

  2. Emma Thomason says:

    I love that we now get awesome gossip along with amazing handbags 🙂

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