Gossip Corner

| December 14, 2011 at 11:51 PM

Ashton Kutcher’s new single status has some Hollywood women on the prowl. Glee’s Lea Michele set her sights on the young hunk. The two star in a new movie together, “New Year’s Eve” and have been spotted flirting on the red carpet. When she asked him about his plans for New Year’s and even went so far as to extend an invitation to, “come celebrate with my big Italian family and me?” he blew her off. Kutcher must be wanting to enjoy his newfound freedom instead of wanting to jump into a new relationship already. Poor Lea.

Ryan Gosling is an accomplished actor who always keeps us on our toes with his interesting choices in roles. This time, he’s surprised us with news that he’s taking ballet classes. It’s not for researching a movie role, either, it’s for fun! Man, we sure enjoy imagining him in a leotard. Thanks for the mental image, Ryan!

Lindsay Lohan just cannot catch a break. She’s become the epitome of a tortured actress, but by most accounts, the fault for her downward spiral lays squarely with her. This time, however, she has been the unfortunate victim of robbery. While vacationing in Hawaii, her purse, containing $10,000 in cash, was stolen. It might not be that wise to carry around that much money in cash when you’re as famous (or infamous) as Lohan.

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