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| October 24, 2011 at 3:12 AM

Though it may sound like the plot to a film, Kate Winslet’s recent rescue of an elderly woman was the real thing. While staying at Richard Branson’s Carribean home, Winslet was awoken at 4:30am to screams of “Fire! Fire!” She reacted quickly by getting dressed and carrying out Eve Branson, Richard Branson’s mother. She told Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show:

I ran into the bedroom and put on a bra. In disastrous moments like that, you do the strangest things. I started to put on a bra and thought ‘No, that’s going to take me too long,’ so off came the bra, on came the t-shirt, I grabbed the children and I picked up Granny. We were all at the top of some very slippery stone steps and in the middle of a hurricane – it was so dramatic, there was lashing rain and it really did feel like being in a movie. In truth, I carried Eve Branson down the stairs.

Everyone emerged from the fire unscathed, and Winslet is now being heralded as a heroine.

A bruised and sallow cheeked Lindsay Lohan showed up for her court hearing this week, and was sentenced, handcuffed and then released on bail. Her sentence includes a stint doing community service at a morgue. She was required to start community service this week. Instead of following rules, Lohan prolonged her “poster child for bad behavior” image by showing up the morgue late. It’s time for the media to officially resign any interest in Lohan. She’s obviously resigned any interest in saving herself.

Jessica Simpson is pregnant, and it’s obvious. However, Simpson has refused to make an official pregnancy announcement until she can land a $500,000 magazine deal. Her baby isn’t even born yet and she’s already looking for exploitation angles.

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