Gossip Corner

| October 13, 2011 at 5:33 PM

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Liveley have officially split, supposedly because DiCaprio’s mother found Liveley to be vain and shallow. However, most mom’s are pretty hard on their son’s new beaus. Liveley has already rebounded with another tall, good-looking blonde guy (does she have a type?). Ryan Reynolds is her rebound of choice, and, may we say, he’s a pretty choice rebound. 😉


More trouble in paradise. Scandal has previously rocked Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s relationship, as it seems the younger party has trouble keeping their hands to themselves. Kutcher has been accused of cheating on Demi before, but the couple firmly denied that this was true. However, another “mistress” has stepped forward. Her name is Sarah Leal and she claims that Ashton seduced her on the night of his 6th wedding anniversary to Demi. According to Sarah, Ashton claimed that he and Demi were separated at the time.


Jack Osbourne, the petulant, rebellious son of Ozzy Osbourne, has finally tamed his wild ways. Having abandoned a life of partying and hooliganism, he’s finally settled down and announced his engagement to the lovely Lisa Stelly. He also announced this week that they are expecting their first baby. Jack Osbourne’s going to be a dad! We’re eager to hear what his list of baby names will be.


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