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| August 28, 2011 at 1:31 AM

Robert De Niro’s daughter is in the news this week for a recent public outburst of anger against her ex-boyfriend. De Niro’s adopted daughter, Drena De Niro, is 43-years old – a little too old for a public violence. Rumor has it that Drena accosted her ex, Austin Young, as he was walking his dog in Greenwich Village. It’s said that Drena walked up to him and punched him in the face.

On the subject, Young stated,”For 15 minutes she whaled on me and yelled at me. I can take a punch, but she whaled on me, like, 10 times. She’s a Thai boxer, and a very good one. I think she heard about my new girlfriend moving into my apartment. She’s very bitter with the way our relationship ended. If the roles had been reversed, I would have been arrested. I feel like I was bullied by celebrity power.”

This sounds like it’s straight from a feature film, but this actually happened in real life. Hollywood hunk, Brad Pitt, saved a young woman’s life on the set of World War Z. The film, set in Glasgow, Scotland packed the streets with 700 extras for an epic zombie invasion scene. However, during shooting a young woman was knocked to the ground and nearly trampled in the chaos. Pitt quickly lept to her rescue and lifted her out and away from the crowd.

Hollywood has seen some epic divorce battles, but none more epic than the divorce between Mel Gibson and Grigorieva. The war is finally over and the dust is settling after the embittered duo finally reached a settlement in their custody dispute this week.

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    I’m loving RD’s daughter’s outfit…for sure

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