Gossip Corner

| June 29, 2011 at 12:09 AM

In our biggest “Really, Hollywood?!” moment of the week, we found out that Charlie Sheen is set to star in a new show. Thankfully, it’s not a Reality TV show (which probably could never happen given his penchant for dangerous living, and “you can’t show that on television” moments). Unfortunately, it’s based on the character from his show Two and Half Men. The network has already signed up for 10 episodes, and may have some success with this show given Sheen’s recent media antics that have renewed public interest in him.



Speaking of bad boys, everybody’s favorite high school hearthrob, Cory Monteith of Glee fame, reveals secrets from his surprisingly dark past. Monteith recently confessed to using drugs as early as 13 years old, and dropping out of school. Thanks to a family intervention, Monteith was able to get clean in rehab when he was 19. Color us shocked at this news!



Kim Kardashian, recently engaged to Kris Humphries, announced that she has set a wedding date. However, she has chosen to keep the actual date a secret. Rumors are swirling around the gossip-sphere as to its possible date. Whatever date it is, there’s sure to be a massive media blitz surrounding her nuptials.

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