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| June 12, 2011 at 1:44 AM

If the name Eduardo Cruz sounds familiar, it’s because he is the brother of international hottie Penelope Cruz. This family has good genes, because he’s just as good-looking as his sister. After her divorce last year from Tony Parker, Eva Longoria has been spotted with Cruz. Apparently the two are dating exclusively now, and are going strong! This weekend they were spotted leaving LAX for a romantic holiday getaway.

After finishing a taping of The Jay Leno show, Selena Gomez was taken to the hospital. She was complaining of severe nausea and headaches. Perhaps the stress of the spotlight is catching up to this very young celebrity. No release of information has been given at this time as to a diagnosis.

Lily Allen is a busy woman. Having recently launched a clothing line called Lucy in Disguise with her sister (Sarah Owen), she also managed to find the time to get married. Did we mention she’s currently pregnant too? And prepping for a musical tour? She married long-time boyfriend Sam Cooper yesterday at a simple outdoor wedding. She wore a gorgeous lace Chanel dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Congratulations, Lily!

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