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| June 5, 2011 at 11:28 PM

Alex Rodriguez moved from one blonde Hollywood A-lister to another when he broke up with Kate Hudson last year to date Cameron Diaz. Diaz, who just last month told Maxim Magazine that their relationship was “really awesome” must have changed her mind. Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez broke up this week. However, close friends of the couple say this has happened several times and that there is a good chance they will get back together.

Before she was heir to the throne, Kate Middleton was just another boarding school student stuck at an all girl’s school. Former classmate, Jessica Hay, has come forward this week claiming that Middleton’s first ever kiss was with her! Now this is not nearly as scandalous as news like this would have been even 20 years ago, but it was still surprising to hear.

Candymaker, Cadbury is in hot water after a poorly thought out ad campaign that calls Naomi Campbell a diva. The wording of the ad (selling their new candy called Bliss) is “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town.” This was an especially bad idea given Campbell’s history of anger problems. Predictably, Campbell was furious at Cadbury’s campaign. She immediately contacted lawyers and is planning a lawsuit. At least she didn’t throw a cellphone at their head in retaliation!

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