Celebrity Gossip

| September 24, 2011 at 9:14 PM

The ultimate in romantic gestures goes to a 17-year old boy. He’s no ordinary 17-year old, though. We’re speaking, of course, of Justin Bieber and his recent grand romantic evening that he planned for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Bieber secretly reserved the entire Staples Center LA for a private screening of Titanic. Gomez had no idea that he had been planning this and was completely overwhelmed. Keep it up, Bieber! That’s just the kind of romantic move that will keep the girls in love with him for years to come.

Speaking of popular hotties, Taylor Lautner is single again, ladies! Lautner had been dating his Abduction co-star, Lily Collins. The two had been going strong since the start of filming. Unfortuntaely, just in time for premieres, Lautner has unceremoniously dumped Collins. That’s going to make the press junkets pretty awkward!

Newlywed Kim Kardashian has an unpleasant mess on her hands. Her sex tape is set to be released by Vivid Entertainment. An anonymous donor offered to buy the tape for $20 million dollars, but Vivid refused the bid. It is uncertain when Vivid will release the tape, but there is talks that they would be willing to sell it back to Kim Kardashian for the right price.

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