Celebrity Fashion: Street Style Edition

| March 30, 2011 at 11:29 PM

When celebrities are dressed to the nines on the red carpet, it makes us wonder what they look like in their down time. Now, with paparazzi out-and-about, celebrities don’t really get “down time” like we do, but they still put together some pretty neat, casual outfits when they aren’t dressing for the red carpet. Check out our round-up of celebrity fashion, straight from the street!

Sienna Miller



Pixie Geldorf



Milla Jovovich



Keira Knightley



Jaime Chung



Gwen Stefani



Emma Roberts



Charlize Theron



Amy Winehouse



Vanessa Hudgens

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  1. malkatz says:

    I’m loving:
    Sienna’s bag, Keira’s blazer/jacket, Jaime’s scarf.

    Amy’s sweater, WORN as a sweater dress.

    I thought the tree behind Jaime’s head was a big puffy hair clip!

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