Black and Red is almost as traditional as black and white but it is that much hotter. This is a fantastic color combo, dark and mysterious and it reminds many of vampires. Join us in celebrating the trend with the Madisson Road Straw Bag Red Black bag!




Black and white has long been a trend and it will always be a classic. Whether you are going for slimming black or fun white you just can’t go wrong with the look. Here you have our fantastic Whitney bag in black which is perfect for everyday use on the go.

Pantone 19-4914 Deep Teal

Teal! From fashionable clothing to your house it is a hot color and it comes in so many different shades you can’t help but fall in love with at least one of them. Whether you want to go out for a night on the town or snuggle up in bed this color is a great one to do it with. When you are doing that take our fantastic (and one of the most popular) bags along with you!



Everyone loves purple and it is one of those colors that never seems to go out of style no matter what the season. It may be hot summer right now but fall promises to be another strong season for purple and we think our Hold Me Tight Super Glamour Bag in purple will fit right in.

Naomi Flap Bag Oil-Tanned Leather Black

This season we’re seeing a lot of black handbags and purses on the arms of street style mavens. This one has the quilted pattern of classic flap bags, a stylish texture which has been en vogue for decades now. The cubicle shape enhances the symmetry of the bag and the metal chains adds an art deco touch.

If you want to add a chain strap bag to your wardrobe, go for the Naomi Flap Bag. The Oil-Tanned texture will make it look fresh and brand new even years from now. Shiny and chic!


Winter is a blessed time. So many holidays that bring us and our families together. Snow and cold weather create a perfect environment to snuggle with your family, friends and pets around a hearty fire. It can’t get better than good food and good times.

With January approaching, the cold is going to get even more intense. Scarves are the a must-have. Warm blood pumps through some of your largest veins at the neck (this is why vampires go for this region), and this is why you can lose a lot of body heat by leaving it bare. Check out a couple of our favorite Baginc scarves below which will keep your warm and more stylish than ever. Our designer-inspired scarves start at just $10!

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Trending Now: Bright Orange

We’ve talked before about how orange is the perfect shade for the pre-fall season. Celebrities everywhere are proving us right by indulging in bright orange outfits and accessories. It sets a cheery mood for the upcoming season, and looks great against a backdrop of either sunny days OR autumn leaves. Check out our selection of the top orange handbags from and get a jump-start on this favorite celebrity trend.

Evita Calfskin Tote

Highway 61 Revisited Patent Leather Bag

Annie Flap Leather Top Handle Bag

Robyn Cross Body Leather Bag

Lila Leather Tassel Hobo Bag