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There is one undoubtable truth in Hollywood: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have great genetics. Their youngsters have taken on Hollywood and the music scene and have experienced a meteoric rise to fame. What’s next for young Willow? She recently announced her impending role in the movie remake of the classic musical Annie! With Oscar-winning screenwriter, Emma Thompson, at the helm, we’re sure this is going to be a success, and a successful move for Willow’s blossoming career.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are a young duo of the past. Hudgens has struck out on her own, changing her look and enjoying the single life. However, she’s recently been sited with Swedish guitarist and song writer, Felix Rodriguez, from the popular band The Sounds.

We love it when Kelly Osbourne spouts off. Her sharp tongue has taken on a lot of celebrities in the past, and she’s recently set snarky sites on Kate Middleton and Christina Aguilera. On her show, Fashion Police, she called Aguilera “the fat bitch she was born to be.” She went further to diss the soon-to-be Queen of England, Kate Middleton, while making an appearance on the Jay Leno show. Osbourne said it was “faux pas”of Middleton to recycle outfits, saying, “If I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England I’m going to wear that dress once because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy. At least I can get a new dress every day!”



| July 24, 2011 at 1:49 AM

R.I.P., Amy Winehouse

We were very sad to hear that soulful singer, Amy Winehouse was found dead today at the young age of 27. Though clearly troubled, Winehouse was an immense powerhouse of talent and we mourn her loss. We honor her memory by offering videos of two wonderful performances (the latter is a video of her last time ever on stage, just three days ago).



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Gossip Corner

The hottest gossip item this week is the Jlo/Marc Anthony announcement that they’re getting a divorced. The power couple surprised everyone with their decision, and the rumor-mill has been working overtime to discover the cause. A few of the top guesses: 1) It’s rumored that Marc Anthony had an affair a few years ago with a flight attendant, and that this caused a permanent riff between Jlo and Marc that even couple’s counseling could not fix. 2) Marc Anthony is rumored to be very controlling of JLo’s career. 3) Marc Anthony is rumored to be very controlling of JLo, down to what she wears.



Lindsay Lohan has pissed off the judge that assigned her probation after her brief stint in jail. In the past two months, she has only served four days of community service, and has been partying it up in her spare time. The judge made it clear this week that if she does not complete her probation that she’s going back to jail, stating further, “I’m not going to give her five extra minutes. I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'”



Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have been getting more serious – serious enough for DiCaprio to take his new girlfriend home to meet his mother. Unfortunately, his mother totally disapproved of Lively! His mother found Lively to be completely self-absorbed and recommended to DiCaprio that he end things with her. Will DiCaprio listen to his mom? Is it already over for the two golden children?



McSteamy has checked into rehab! Eric Dane, everyone’s favorite lecherous doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, has voluntarily admitted himself to rehab after getting addicted painkillers. His addiction wasn’t by accident. He started taking the prescribed painkillers after a serious sports injury, and after feeling like he was addicted to them, he responsibly checked into rehab. That’s a rare instance in the Hollywood underbelly of substance abuse and addiction. We wish him all the best on his road to recovery!

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Everyone’s favorite fast-talking hunk has moved on after his recent divorce from Scarlett Johanson with none other than Charlize Theron. Theron, who is also divorced, has been spotted with Reynolds on a number of occasions. Sources close to the couple say that they are becoming pretty serious. Reynolds certainly seems to have a “type”!


David Arquette, formed half of the Cox-Arquette duo, is in deep water now. His longtime mistress, Jasmine Waltz (pictured above) is set to release a sex tape of the Arquette getting down and dirty. Though Arquette has made public statements about his desire to get back together with his wife, we’re pretty sure any hopes of that every happening now are shot to pieces.


Congratulations are in order! Kate Hudson gave birth this week to her second son. Father Matt Bellamy is reportedly excited to have his first child with the sunny actress. Hopefully, they keep the baby name relatively normal. We’re getting a little tired of all of the crazy celebrity baby names.

| July 6, 2011 at 10:13 PM

Gossip Corner

On Sunday, Lady Gaga was honored in a ceremony in Taiwan where they decided to name a national holiday after her. June 3rd was declared national “Lady Gaga Day.” During the ceremony, she was serenaded by a children’s choir and given a key to the city of Taichung. Not one to take such a gesture lightly, Lady Gaga bestowed upon the Taiwanese a free concert to which 40,000 people showed up! We think this is the first instance where a country has ever named a national holiday after a pop star, and it comes as no surprise to us that it was Lady Gaga to gain this honor.

Nicki Minaj suffered a heartbreaking tragedy over the weekend when she learned that her cousin had been murdered. She announced the tragedy on Twitter, saying, “”Lived in Brooklyn his whole life. My precious cousin. My baby. Killed last nite. My cousin Nicholas. Also goes by Juse… Murdered. Last nite. Near his home. Brooklyn, NY.” Our condolences to Nicki Minaj and to her family as they suffer through this difficult time.

Taylor Momsen has recently been spotted with fellow musician Natt Weller. Weller is a 23-year old from London and looks tough enough to handle even Momsen’s antics.

After his highly publicized split from soon-to-be ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz has been finding comfort in the arms of Michelle Trachtenberg. They recently rekindled their old flame (the two used to date back in 2006) and have been spotted cozying up with each other in downtown Los Angeles.

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth may be headed for divorce after 10 years of marriage. A friend close to the family recently let it slip that they two were “taking a break.” Peter has already moved out, renting a home in Santa Ynez.

| June 29, 2011 at 12:09 AM

Gossip Corner

In our biggest “Really, Hollywood?!” moment of the week, we found out that Charlie Sheen is set to star in a new show. Thankfully, it’s not a Reality TV show (which probably could never happen given his penchant for dangerous living, and “you can’t show that on television” moments). Unfortunately, it’s based on the character from his show Two and Half Men. The network has already signed up for 10 episodes, and may have some success with this show given Sheen’s recent media antics that have renewed public interest in him.



Speaking of bad boys, everybody’s favorite high school hearthrob, Cory Monteith of Glee fame, reveals secrets from his surprisingly dark past. Monteith recently confessed to using drugs as early as 13 years old, and dropping out of school. Thanks to a family intervention, Monteith was able to get clean in rehab when he was 19. Color us shocked at this news!



Kim Kardashian, recently engaged to Kris Humphries, announced that she has set a wedding date. However, she has chosen to keep the actual date a secret. Rumors are swirling around the gossip-sphere as to its possible date. Whatever date it is, there’s sure to be a massive media blitz surrounding her nuptials.

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The Seven Year Itch


Remember the iconic ivory dress Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie, The Seven Year Itch? Well, it recently went up for auction and was bought out for $4.6 million. Taxes on the dress are about $1 million, so that makes the famous William Travilla pleated halter, Monroe wore during the subway scene, a staggering $5.6 million. Someone was able to take a piece of history home, from a woman who was ground breaking in modern-day fashion. Here are a few handbags that remind us of the iconic dress.