Got hot New Year’s Eve Plans? Don’t have a bag that will go well with a dress like this?

Chiara Ferragni

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Alexa Duffel Bag

Our studded Alexa Duffel bag is the perfect color for a frosty December, January or cold February ball. The “party on the bottom” studs are hidden away when you want to carry it to work (not that there’s anything wrong with look a little extra glam at work.) This stylish bag is the must-have accessory for every sparkly, glittery winter look.


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Hundred Heart Large Pochette Quilted Yellow

This canary yellow bag is a little bit different from most of the products we usually talk about here on the blog. It’s bright color sets it apart at first sight. It’s a far cry from the usual blacks, navy blues, browns and neutrals.

Don’t write it off as a spring/summer bag just yet. Even though it would look fantastic with a floral sundress in sunny weather, it can be just what you need to perk you up in the winter. Think about it — many people recede into the background in the colder months. This pop of color can keep you from being just another face in the crowd. The quilted, synthetic leather gives a cozy look while remaining eco-friendly. The hearts are just a youthful accent for upbeat people who love to celebrate all the good things in life. For those who love the pattern but would prefer to remain a little more incognito, it also comes in neutral colors and a rich navy blue. Order yours from today!


Have you ever fantasized about having the kind of bag that makes other women salivate over your style and reach as soon as you walk in the door? Some bags are eye catching with trendy designs, currently-in colors and sometimes just studded with rhinestones to pop out and make an outfit look cool. This is the kind of bag that doesn’t need any gimmick. The cut, shape and quality are for the kind of woman who wants a piece that will last forever like an investment.

This bag is made of luxurious, soft calf leather of the finest quality. The dual carrying handles allow it to be held in the crook of your arm, where it can be subtly showed off. The metallic studs on the bottom surface allow it to be placed on any surface without getting dusty or damaged. The flap closure with padlock ornament makes it safe to carry cash in and adds a stylish touch. The leather interior lining will put to rest any doubt about the quality and make of this bag.

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| October 7, 2012 at 12:43 AM

Effortless Chic Style

There are few celebrities that nail the “effortless chic” look quite like Rachel Bilson. The secret is her great personal taste, her refined eye for fashion, and the fact that she doesn’t use a stylist. She chooses her looks herself, which is incredibly refreshing. Bilson loves her classic Chanel bags and she pairs them with everything. Here she is posing with her favorite bag in one of her best looks of late:

If you’re inspired, check out our Iris Flap Bag below:

| October 1, 2012 at 11:51 PM

Scarf Season is Upon Us!

It’s that brisk time of the year when the season starts changing. It’s still a little warm for a full-on coat, so your sartorial needs hover between your summer and winter wardrobe. Think lots of layers and chic scarves until winter has truly descended. We have brand new scarves in stock right now for all of your autumn wardrobe needs. Take a cue from the ever-so-chic Alicia Keys and try a brightly colored scarf with a neutral ensemble.

Melrose Glam Malin Scarf

| September 22, 2012 at 1:59 AM

Style Inspirer: Nikki Reed

With fashion week still in full swing overseas, celebrities have been pulling out all the stops when it comes to their personal style. We loved this look on Nikki Reed which combines glamorous accessories with the menswear trend. Try a buttoned-up shirt and skinny pants like Reed’s for a look that is totally current and on-message for fall/winter. Accessorize with a hot pair of leopard heels, a giant statement necklace and a sleek bag like our Megan Flap Leather Bag (pictured below:)