In case you haven’t heard, vintage-inspired backpacks are in again! This trend was en pointe in it’s peak or shall we say, hey day in the 90’s. Remember the most popular girl in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You discussing her most prized posession? It was her red designer backpack.

With a famous Kardashian rocking a backpack to the gym recently, it’s clear that the look is back. While hers was a vintage piece, you can buy one brand new that looks even better and is fresh. This Scarlet J Top Handles Backpack is trendy, stylish, durable and so convenient! For those of you who are tired of the same handbag on the arm look, try this one instead. You’ll definitely turn a few heads. And the price can’t be beat either.


This bag is aptly titled the “A Star is born bag” because of the beautiful design on the front. It’s classified as a Boston bag and the color is a rich hue of bronze. The embellishment is so unique that you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else quite like it.

In the middle is a beautiful heart made of white crystals. Surrounding it are metallic studs in a nebula-like fashion, making it look like a heart on fire, white hot like a star in the sky. The fabric itself looks like a metallic mesh, something right out of an image of the Milky Way galaxy. With this on your arm, you’ll not only be a fashionista, you’ll be a rockstar.

Metallic Tote

Metallic colors never go out of style. Whether it’s gold or silver, it’ll always look classy because these precial metals have been valued since the beginning of time. Tote bags in this color go from being highly functional to very stylish to boot.

This Roma Woven tote in Metallic Gold is a throwback to gladiator sandals that have been in vogue in years past. Although we don’t currently stock this bag, we could bring it back if the demand was high enough. Share this picture and comment to let us know if you want it!

Grace Croc Leather Flap Bag Yellow

If you’re looking for a fantastic alternative for the classic chain link bags that all look the same, this is the one to go for. The Grace Leather Flap bag is uniquely bright and bold with it’s color blocking but maintains simplicity with classic hardware and a silver chain.

While the leather texture is an exquisite alligator print, it’s not a “stuffy” bag but a soft, elegant one because of it’s overall luxe look.

Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote Blue

This bag is one of our best bargain buys. It looks far more glamorous than its price tag. With the multiple original accents, it’s one of our faves. While it’s celebrity inspired, it’s unique and quirky, a piece you’re unlikely to see everyone with. It’s the kind that will have people coming up to you and asking who it’s by.

The first thing that jumps out at you with the Kellis Leather Tote is the fabulous snakeskin print, which is made even better with a blue spin on it instead of predictable, earthy camo tones. The side belt loops, the front tie and padlock closure make it look like an iconic bag which is made with care and precision.

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Camel

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag In Camel is the kind of handbag purchase which comes with two of the best qualities to look for in a handbag. For one, it’s classic shape has been spotted on the arm of just about every celeb out there who is on-point with current fashions. Two, its camel color is one that never goes out of style. No matter what the year or season, there’s always a wide option of outfits you can complement with this handbag color.

Made of luxury handbag leather, its also versatile and lets you choose whether you hold it and show it off in the crook of your arm or attach the two longer straps that come with it to make it more comfy to carry if you are in a rush or have to hold other things. Great buy!

Vivian Patent Leather Clutch Wine

This Vivian patent leather clutch in a deep, rich wine color is a perfect alternative to generic quilted flap bags. The shape is the first thing that makes it stand apart, even though it does have the classic quilted look. The dramatic color makes this a great choice for bold outfits during the winter. The bow adds a tidy , finished look of a designer accessory.

It can be dressed down with casual clothes or used to make an impact when worn with a business-like or semi-formal outfit. The silver bow and gold hardware add a little spark and femininity to the dark color and classic shape.

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