When you spend a ton of money buying the best of what technology has to offer, it’s only natural that you want your device to look as stylish as possible. The makers of the iPhone specialize in creating a phone with the most stylish interface but when millions of other people have the same device, it becomes impossible to stand out.

There are so many available covers out there but the poorly made ones cheapen the look of the sleek phone. The blingy, glittery and rhinestoned sets can be cute but these days they’re a dime a dozen. This trendy blue iPhone case has a unique look and texture. It’s eye catching without going over the top. Just the right fit.


Phone Cases

Our brand new collection of phone cases includes these colorful pieces. They’re not just cutesy designs or flashy colors – each one is a quirky concept on its own. One looks like you’re holding an uber expensive solid gold bar in your hand. Another is a mini guitar complete with the strings look. Another is a mini telephone booth, vintage London style. This one may be the most ironic and likely to start conversations. Another is a little watercolor palette that looks amazingly real.

There’s no other place to get phone covers as vibrant and unique as these. Use these to covert your smartphone from a generic looking model to one that everyone is envious of because no one else has seen anything quite like it before.

Moulin Rouge Quilted Tote Choco
Sometimes, you just need a bag which can be easily clutched by grabbing the sturdy chains. Simply by grabbing the chains, you’re ready to go. You can tote it around all day long without worrying about the burden on your shoulder. If you don’t have too many things to carry, it can be carried on the shoulder comfortably as well. At the end of the day, the Moulin Rouge Quilted bag is one of those casual-yet-super-stylish handbags.

It’s hard to be fully comfortable when you have to carry one of those extremely stiff and structured designer handbags. They look fantabulous but they’re not exactly easy to tote around if you’re going to be on the move all day. This one is not only easy to lug around, its gorgeous color is so very stylish to boot. Gold chains are a chic touch. The quilted material is so soft you can even use it as a pillow on your daily commute if you go by way of the tube or subway.


Aphrodite Woven Cabat Metallic Brown

Sadly, spring break everywhere is over. Even if you’ve had to drag yourself away from the beach and back home, you’ll be back in no time. It’s nearly May and June is when the fun begins all over again. This metallic tote is just the thing to take along to outings at a local lake or even to far-off destinations like Cabo.

It will easily hold all the essentials – a towel, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, an iPad and summer reading material. Not only is it super useful, it’s stylish and trendy. Totes in this size are hard to find in bright, fun metallics. This way you can steer clear of drab dark hues.



Bella Calfskin Leather Shoulder Bag Black

Have you been looking for a simple yet chic black bag to wear with casual outfits? Whether you need something classy to store your college books or after-work gear, this bag can do the job while keeping you looking stylish.

The roomy inside is great for throwing in whatever you need to get through the day. It’s structured and stylish but flexible enough for high utility. The threaded pattern adds a little symmetry and character to keep this bag from blending in to the background.



Lili Chain Leather Bag Zebra Black White
Do you have a plain outfit that needs some sprucing up? Grab this animal print zebra stripes bag and throw it into the mix. Whether your outfit is monochromatic in white, black or pretty pastels like baby blue or pink, this bag will complete the look.

A printed bag contrasts really well with solid colors. That way the bag pops out and is showcased while the outfit’s colors are complemented. It’s a win-win style statement for your outfit and your arm accessory.

Center Of Attention Studded Tote Black

This  is titled the Center of Attention Bag for good reason. The black leather texture would be glamorous enough on its own but the added eccentricity of the bad really makes it stand out. This is the kind of bag women who want to carry something unique and quirky would be seen with.

If you’re into bling, this sexy leather bag is studded with rhinestone crystals in the shape of a heart all across the front. The side portion has fun and flirty tassles that sashay as you walk. A bag this edgy couldn’t get any cuter.


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