The Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag is one our most loved designs. The studded bottom surface of the bag is a pleasant surprise. What seems like a simple black tote has a studded rockstar underbelly. This bag is enough to make even the shyest of girls feel confident and edgy. If you want an extra boost of rock and roll glam, this bag is the way to go.

The army of golden studs on bottom make this an excellent accessory for a wild night on the town but don’t detract away from the subdued look of the rest of the bag should you want to carry it to work. For when you do need it for a serious day at work or college, it’s got an adjustable strap which can convert it into a shoulder bag and make it easier to lug around. It’s black color means it can go with a wide variety of outfits.

However, it’s most cutting edge look is when paired with a leather jacket or jeggings. If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be the lead in a celebrated band, this one of these looks paired with the above bag! It’s sure to be an exhilarating day.

If you’re interested in mixing it up, it also comes in camel, chocolate and olive.



If you never had to even think about money again and could live life without restrictions or inhibitions, you’d be grinning from ear to ear right? Apparently money can’t buy everything, even if you’re a billionaire heiress. Nikki Hilton appeared quite sober as she was seen hoofing it around the shops in Beverly Hills.

Even in casual short shorts, a gray tank and a black vest, she looked the part. Even though younger sister Paris is more famous, we think Nikki’s style is more flexible and up to date. While Paris still dresses like it’s 2003, Nikki is more often seen in current trends. Take this shoulder bag, for example.

It’s slightly different from other flap bags with metal chains. The rockstar-esque studs set it apart and give it an edgy yet chic look. The no frills leather straps keep this from being a flashy, attention-grabbing bag. The luxurious leather prevents it from blending into the background, reminding passerbys that Nikki is not just another skinny girl. One that’s a little more privileged than most.


Cameron Diaz isn’t the type of celeb who feels the need to step out carrying the latest trend every five minutes. It’s an established fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s heavy hitters and of the greatest looking female stars since the late 90s. It’s no surprise that the handbag she’s often spotted carrying is of the durable sort.

The luxurious looking camel colored bag is made of leather called “Palmellato,” which makes it look buttery to the touch. It’s Italian for luxury leather which isn’t machine manufactured but hand-crafted. More people are employed to make these bags to work the grain side of the bag with a cork-covered board is not only what makes it soft but considerably more expensive. But given the luxurious look and the long lasting top quality of the bag, it’s so worth it!


The boy bag Gwen was seen carrying combines multiple fashion trends:

1. Lack of a visible logo. We’ve been blogging about this trend for a while now. Seems the high fashion designer houses have declared that there’s something to be said for not flaunting labels. You don’t have to declare what you’re wearing to appear uber stylish and wealthy.

2. Sleek lines, no tassles, hassles or frills.

3. Color blocking. Although Gwen was seen carrying the solid white bag, it also comes in color blocking schemes. White paired with black, for example. The color blocking trend has been hot for several seasons now and is most visible in shoes and bags.

Gwen always manages to look stylish no matter what she wears. It’s due to the combination of her gorgeous platinum hair, retro glam makeup and her friendly smile. The designer bags she carries don’t hurt either!


Jessica Biel has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight after her wedding to Justin Timberlake, which has been making headlines all over the internet for various reasons. The fact that the photos sold to People for $300,00. The fact that a friend of J.T. played a video poking fun at homeless people. The fact that his mom had more say in the wedding planning than his fiance did. Facts or gossip – that’s up to you. But there’s no denying that Jessica looks so so fab in this black ensemble.

Her chained flap bag is a classic touch of elegance to an otherwise fully fierce outfit. Somehow she manages to make the all black look feminine with the use of leggings, a pretty belted dress and cute boots. Her sleek, well-manicured hair and happy grin make this quite an enviable look. The quilted bag is the perfect size for a day out on the town and the metallic chain adds a flash of silver to an otherwise monochromatic look.


Amanda Seyfried was spotted around LA wearing a very casual outfit but carrying a very trendy bag which kept her look from looking grungy and made her look like the celeb she is instead.

The bag on her arm follows the latest trend from designer bags – no visible logo. The sides are dark brown suede, the front panels are brown leather and the base is grey. Maybe people grew tired of the less than subtle LV bags seen on the likes of Paris Hilton.

We’re liking the look of logo-less bags. They look just as stylish and expensive as monogrammed bags but give the message that the wearer is so fabulous they don’t need to remind people how well they’re doing. The shape, color, materials and gold touch do all the talking.

Here she is in the promo poster for her latest film Les Miserables, which has been making waves since before it even started filming. This one’s gonna be big!



Nicole Ritchie stepped out in New York a few days ago carrying this sleek black bag. Her no-nonsense updo gave her the look of a serious glamazon and her fierce booties upped the look to the next level.

For those wondering how to carry a glamorous bag without flaunting the logo, this is one way to do it. Sleek, clean cuts and an outfit that doesn’t obscure the accessories.

The top seems simple but it’s bang on trend – sheer blouses and fancy dresses are super trendy these days. As long as the important bits are covered, the sheer look is quite sexy while still a bit demure. Intriguing without being too scandalous!


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