Cameron Diaz Steps Out With Camel Colored Tote

| November 1, 2012 at 6:51 AM


Cameron Diaz isn’t the type of celeb who feels the need to step out carrying the latest trend every five minutes. It’s an established fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s heavy hitters and of the greatest looking female stars since the late 90s. It’s no surprise that the handbag she’s often spotted carrying is of the durable sort.

The luxurious looking camel colored bag is made of leather called “Palmellato,” which makes it look buttery to the touch. It’s Italian for luxury leather which isn’t machine manufactured but hand-crafted. More people are employed to make these bags to work the grain side of the bag with a cork-covered board is not only what makes it soft but considerably more expensive. But given the luxurious look and the long lasting top quality of the bag, it’s so worth it!

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