BagInc Gives Away TWO Bags!

| March 23, 2011 at 11:34 PM

Your chances of winning a BagInc bag just doubled! This week we are giving away two gorgeous bags. Our cream So Soho Satchel is that height of sophistication and is the perfect Spring bag. Our Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag has that perfect edgy look you’ve been waiting for.

So Soho Satchel

Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag

Winning the bag is as easy as it always is! Rules are explained below:

1. Leave a comment on this blog entry. This is your initial contest entry.
2. After leaving an initial comment here, read through our blog and leave additional comments on our other blog posts (each additional comment worth 1 entry each).
3. “Like” us on Facebook.
4. Post about us on Facebook (be sure to use @Baginc in your wall post and select Baginc from the drop down list).
5. Comment on our Facebook wall.
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7. Follow us on Twitter.
8. Tweet about our contest on Twitter (be sure to include @bagincbags in your tweet so that we can track your entry).
9. Tweet about us on Twitter (doesn’t have to be about the contest. You can link to your favorite product or one of our blog entries, for example).
10. Re-tweet our Twitter posts (be sure to include @bagincbags in your re-tweet).
11. Subscribe to our newsletter (enter email address at the bottom of the main page).
12. If you win the bag, you must take a picture with the bag and send it to us so that we may post it online on our Winner’s Circle page! You will need to submit your pictures directly to

This contest is open internationally, meaning anyone can participate. Your personal information will not be shared with a third party and all information is kept confidential. The contest lasts one week, and will close Wednesday, March 30th at Midnight (CST). This time TWO winners will be announced!

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  1. Gina says:

    AH so excited! They’re both GORGEOUS!

  2. Gina says:

    I follow you on twitter! (@CDN20something)

  3. styleezta says:

    The anarchy bag is FAB!!

  4. styleezta says:

    liked you on facebook

  5. styleezta says:

    I follow via twitter

  6. […] to win BagInc’s giveaway of two gorgeous handbags! Visit BagInc’s Blog for complete details on how to enter to win. Contest ends March 30, […]

  7. Jen says:

    OMG! That Soho Satchel is crazy cute!

  8. Jen says:

    Liked your fabeook page

  9. Jen says:

    Commented on your facebook page wall. (Jen Benz)

  10. Jen says:

    Following you on twitter (prommafia).

  11. margherita says:

    wooow i really love the first one!!! omg it’s like Mulberry bag!!!! i’m dreaming this bag since a lot of timeeee!!! hope i’ll be lucky :)

  12. margherita says:

    i also commented on one of your post :))

  13. margherita says:

    …and to other two posts haha

  14. margherita says:

    ok i’ve just finished commenting 😀
    soooo i hope i’ll be lucky once in my lifee :)

  15. Nina says:

    I love the So Soho satchel!

  16. Nina says:

    Twitter follower @nina0205

  17. Michelle jadaa says:

    i dont know which i like more,i must admit ive never had a lighter coloured bag so that would be nice for spring and summer :)

  18. Monik says:

    Yay great giveaway!
    I love The Very Inspired Leather Bag Brown.

  19. Monik says:

    “Like” you on Facebook as Monika LIntang Retnani.

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  24. Monik says:

    Tweet about our contest on Twitter here.

  25. Monik says:

    Subscribe to your newsletter.

  26. Rachel says:

    Yay Im excited! Love them both!

  27. Janine says:

    wooo! the first handbag is calling my name!

  28. Tina Renee says:

    The handbags are absolutely gorgeous!
    I’m so excited!!

  29. Tina Renee says:

    I “Like” you on Facebook; Tina Renee Barker

  30. Tina Renee says:

    I Follow you on Twitter @warp65

  31. Janine says:

    left a comment on the floppy hat post

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    left a comment on the relationship post

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    eft a comment on the stripes post

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    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

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  37. Midnight Cowgirl says:

    Love both bags!

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    I commented on your post titled ” Oscar Worthy Style”.

  42. Tina Renee says:

    Commented on “Style Lesson: Wardobe Basics” post.

  43. jasmin says:

    the so soho satchel is very chic
    i can take it everywhere
    thank you

  44. Deb K says:

    I would love to win this~Thanks for the chance :-)


  45. Deb K says:

    I like you on FB~Deb S


  46. Deb K says:

    I follow with Twitter~Deb55106


  47. Karen says:

    WOW. I like both of them! I sooo wanna win.

  48. limepink says:

    I love the Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag

  49. Lynda says:

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !!

  50. Amy says:

    I’d love to win these, thanks!

    amybelle2001 at gmail dot com

  51. colleen says:

    love these!

  52. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I think you actually chose the two that I would pick if I won!!! Good taste BagInc!!! valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  53. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Commented on “Oscar Worthy Style”

  54. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Commented on “Best Dressed at the Golden Globes”

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    Tweeted about your “Wardrobe Basics” post.

  63. christie says:

    love the So Soho satchel!!

  64. angela says:

    i’m loving the so soho!!

  65. Autumn says:

    I NEED either one of these bags. They will perfectly complement my wardrobe and I am in need of a new bag.

  66. Sam says:

    The So Soho satchel is just gorgeous but I love the shape of the Melrose Glam Anarchy bag so I can’t decide which one is better.

  67. Bonnie C. says:

    Both of these bags are amazing!!! So pretty, and it’s cool that one of them is a satchel because satchels are one of my favorite styles. :-)

    Thanks for having this giveaway, I’d love to win either bag!

  68. Bonnie C. says:

    I “like” you on facebook! :-)

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    I “follow” you on twitter (@missbonniebelle) :-)

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  72. shadab says:

    woa!what a nice thing to find today1it made my day

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  79. Anna K says:

    nice bag !

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  89. Erin says:

    Both are so gorgeous (of course, the black is a little bit more lovely!).
    libgirl9 at hotmail dot com

  90. liz says:

    Yay ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  91. liz says:

    I follow you on twitter bird name dokidokico :)

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  92. liz says:

    Hi, I already fan of you in FB name doki doki co :)

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  93. liz says:

    I spread words about giveaway in twitter here!/dokidokico/status/51167430659153920

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  94. Anna C says:

    Adorable handbags! I’d love to win them.

  95. Ivana Nikolova says:

    i love these bags! so fabulous

  96. Hana says:

    those bags look super cute!

  97. Mimi says:

    That Melrose Glam bag is tasty!


  98. Mimi says:

    Like you on Facebook!


  99. Dovile says:

    I love the So Soho bag.

  100. Jessica Dearnley says:

    I’m following you on twitter @jessycalouise

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    I followed on facebook and liked some of your status updates

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    commented on 10 posts

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    retweeted Your chances to win one of our gorgeous bags just doubled! We are giving TWO away in this week’s contest:

  106. Jessica Dearnley says:

    Are you feeling the love from Baginc? You should! Not only are we giving away TWO bags this week, but we also have… – Retweeted with @jessycalouise.

    I really want the second bag, its so pretty :)

  107. PaPitts says:

    These bags are dreamy!!!!

  108. leah brown says:

    I need me those two bags!!!

  109. Angelie Oro says:

    The bags are so pretty! Love them :)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  110. Angelie Oro says:

    Im a twitter follower via @xanjelix

  111. Fiona says:

    love the so soho bag <3

  112. Fiona says:

    Email subscriber 😀

  113. Elena says:

    I hope I win!

  114. Elena says:

    ‘Like’ you on FB /Elena Rudaya/

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    Follow you on Twitter @elenarudaya

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    Subscribed by email

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    I ‘like’ a post on your FB wall /Elena Rudaya/

  118. Vanessa says:

    They are both amazing!
    I loove the white bag!
    Pleeeeaaseee let me win.

  119. margherita says:

    following you on twitter :)

  120. margherita says:

    tweet about this contest :) here

  121. margherita says:

    and also tweeted about a post about grey bags :)

    still here

  122. Diana says:

    I love that cream bag, so nice for spring. The black studded one would be great for evening or next fall. Thanks.

  123. Kelsey says:

    YAY….! I love these bags. =)

  124. Kelsey says:

    I also am now following you on twitter. i Tweeted about you guys and re-tweeted about the giveaway.

  125. sunchicka says:

    Love the so soho satchel!

  126. sunchicka says:

    3. “Like” us on Facebook. @sun chicka

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    11. Subscribe to our newsletter

  128. gustosa says:

    love to win gorgeous bag

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  133. jr911 says:

    Thanks for the chance

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    I like you on FB

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    email subscriber

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    I follow you on twitter

  137. Nathania Hunter says:

    I love them! I am in need of a purse!

  138. Nathania Hunter says:

    like on facebook!

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    liked on twitter @Nathania_H

  140. Julie says:

    love the bags

  141. julie says:

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    I follow you on twitter

  143. royce says:

    i love these bags

  144. Grace says:

    I love the So Soho satchel! That bag would be absolutely perfect for spring time :) Thank you!

  145. Anna K says:

    tweet about giveaway -

  146. Francesca says:

    I am in! 😀

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    FB name: Francesca D’Alessandro

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    Twitter username: Francivusk

  150. maddailade says:

    I love the first one!<3

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    I “like” you on Facebook! (Madda Ilade)

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    I am a follower on twitter!(purpleandspring)

  153. Julie L says:

    Both of the bags are so gorgeous! :)

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  162. Karitsa says:

    awesome giveaway :)

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  166. Kay-Li says:

    LOVE them both!

  167. Doreen Riopel says:

    Woa! What beautiful bags. Glad I found you. Going to subscribe by email when I am done my entries. Thanks and have a super sunday.

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    Trying to subscribe by email but having trouble. Just sent you an email. :)

  173. Gondor TAri says:

    Love the So Soho Satchel bag!!!

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    Follow you on Twetter as @LauraSanMur

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    They’re both so beautiful!

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    Great contest!

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  186. Oksana says:

    I adore So Soho Satchel!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


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    I Like you on Facebook!

    (oksana vladimirovna)


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  199. Ning Ning Yang says:

    Erm, I don’t think my comment posted right the first time… so… here goes again: I think the Soho bag is awesome!

  200. violet says:

    This handbags are great, i love the first one.

  201. Ning Ning Yang says:

    I liked your guys’ Facebook — Ning Ning Yang

  202. violet says:

    I like bagainc on facebook, my fb name is Viorela Violet

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    I love the So Soho Satchel!! So cute!!

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    Sweet purses!!!

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  215. Kelly B. says:

    Beautiful bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  217. Daria says:

    Awesome giveaway!!I’m in love with the second one!! :)

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  219. Celine says:

    Wow! enter me please :3

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    I “Like” you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson

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    I love the cream So Soho Satchel. Thanks for the giveaway!
    (This was my mandatory entry, but it didn’t go through -?!)

  230. ewhatley says:

    Both bags are awesome. I love the cream satchel, especially for spring/summer.

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  245. Asami says:

    Wow, they are both beautiful bags!