Bag of the Week

| August 7, 2011 at 11:48 PM

Summer heat is making us feel a little overwhelmed and cranky. This week we decided to lighten up – there’s always a silver lining. The silver lining for us is the new group of whimsical print bags that we got in that are decorated in adorable whales and owls. We admit to having a weakness for cute animals, and these bags are the cutest! Our cheerful prints come on high quality canvas totes with a zip closure that are easy to clean and big enough to store all your beach essentials. Our favorite bag is the blue and brown owl print La Baule Sac en Toile. For a mere $26, you can have this fun bag for yourself!

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  1. Julie Vilbar says:

    Hehe this is a cute bag, will surely make your day. Light-colored bag that is fun to carry with you all day… not only will it lighten up your mood but surely everybody else who sees it.

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