Bag of the Week

| February 26, 2011 at 12:10 AM

Our Bag of the Week installment called for us to select one bag out of all our new inventory to give special recognition to. Who deserved it this week? Was it the sleek motorcycle Grand City Bag in contrasting shades of gray? Or the chic little drawstring Glamourish Shoulder Bag? These are all viable options, but our special pick went to the S.j.a Germanotta Boston Bag Snake Leather Red because even when it is gloomy outside, this bag stays cheerful and bright. We love how the deep red shade is enhanced by the snakeskin print and the edgy chain draped across the front pulls the whole thing together.

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  1. Jade C. says:

    That red is a bit too daring for me, but I’m sure some people can pull it off 🙂

  2. Anna K says:

    I love this bag and i love red

  3. Kara Sanders says:

    I couldn’t wear it but it would look good on many other people

  4. styleezta says:

    I don’t like that chain accessory 🙁

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