Bag Inc Announces New Giveaway!

| January 17, 2011 at 10:13 PM

Our last contest was a smash hit, and we liked doing it so much we thought it was already time for another. This time we are going to be giving away the Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag!

The rules are structured the same way they were last time. You will have ONE original entry into the contest in the form of a comment left on this blog post. You can gain many additional entries using the following techniques (each is worth ONE additional entry):

Here’s how you participate in the contest (each thing you do is worth one entry):

1. Leave a comment on this blog entry. This is your initial contest entry.

2. After leaving an initial comment here, read through our blog and leave additional comments (each additional comment worth 1 entry each).

3. “Like” us on Facebook

4. Post about us on Facebook (be sure to use @Baginc in your wall post and select Baginc from the drop down list).

5. Comment on our Facebook wall.

6. “Like” a post on our Facebook wall.

7. Follow us on Twitter.

8. Tweet about our contest on Twitter (be sure to include @bagincbags in your tweet so that we can track your entry).

9. Tweet about us on Twitter (doesn’t have to be about the contest. You can link to your favorite product or one of our blog entries, for example).

10. Re-tweet our Twitter posts (be sure to include @bagincbags in your re-tweet).

If you were determined, you could have hundreds of entries to this contest. The person who won our last contest commented on every blog post we had ever made and tweeted about us daily. The sheer volume of her entries meant that she increased her chances of winning exponentially!

Good luck! This contest ends on Monday, January 24, 2011 at Midnight (CST).

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  1. Mary says:

    really loving this bag. I have some amazing shoes it would go perfect with.

  2. […] to win the Melrose Glam Anarchy handbag from Bag Inc!! Visit Bag Inc’s Blog for complete details on how to enter to win. Contest ends 1/24/2011 at midnight (CST). Winner will […]

  3. Nicole O. says:

    Gorgeous bag!

  4. Nicole O. says:

    I “like” you on Facebook: Nicole O.

  5. Nicole O. says:

    Left a comment on your wall

  6. Nicole O. says:

    I “liked” the post about your fave outfits from the Golden Globes.

  7. Nicole O. says:

    I am following you via Twitter: @saucyfbaby

  8. Nan says:

    Thanks for doing this! fun!! xoox

  9. bunnyb says:

    Gorgeous! I love it! Thanks!

  10. bunnyb says:

    I like you on FB – Bunnyb Baxter

  11. bunnyb says:

    Liked the bag giveaway post on your FB wall (Bunnyb Baxter)

  12. bunnyb says:

    Follow you on twitter @bunnyb

  13. Alison says:

    Love the bag!

  14. liz says:

    Gosh ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  15. liz says:

    Hi, I already fan of you in FB name doki doki co :)

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  16. liz says:

    I follow you on twitter bird name doki doki co :)

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  17. liz says:

    I twit here!/dokidokico/status/27332618257170432

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  18. Ivana Nikolova says:

    Love this giveaway!

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    I like you on FB – Ivana Nikolova

  20. Ivana Nikolova says:

    Left a comment on the wall – Ivana Nikolova

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  22. Ada says:

    I love the bag! *fingers crossed* Hope I win! 😀
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  23. Ada says:

    I’m following you on Twitter (username: ShouShouChic)

  24. Midnight Cowgirl says:

    Great bag!

  25. Valerie C. says:

    I love this handbag…I’d carry it often :)

  26. Gigi says:

    That’s a very pretty purse you’re giving away!

  27. mimi says:

    That’s one tasty bag!

  28. mimi says:

    I follow on FB!

  29. mimi says:

    I commented as well!

  30. Tina Renee says:

    This bag is so chic! It would work well with so many different ensembles! Love it!!

  31. Tina Renee says:

    “Like” you on Facebook: Tina Renee Barker

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    Commented on your Facebook wall: Tina Renee Barker

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  36. YaHighness says:

    This bag is fierce <3!

  37. YaHighness says:

    I “like” your facebook page.

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    I “like” a post on your facebook page.

  39. YaHighness says:

    I left a comment on your fb page.


  40. Angela K says:

    I love this bag – kind of punk & kind of classy. It’s really versatile!

  41. Angela K says:

    I follow you on Twitter @BountyHunter338

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  43. Ana Belén says:

    Is it international??

  44. Cathie McElwee says:

    Love the bag and Love the giveaways! Thanks for that.

  45. Erin says:

    I love the studs!

  46. Jenna Benjamin says:

    Loving this bag, very edgy

  47. Jenna Benjamin says:

    Liked u on facebook

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    followed u on twitter

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    tweeted ur giveaway

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  51. Kammi says:

    I am a fan of BagInc on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 100 friends on Facebook.

  52. Kammi says:

    I am a subscriber of Bag Inc. via email

  53. Kammi says:

    I am a subscriber of Free Gretchen

  54. Autumn says:

    I NEED this bag! It is exactly what I have been looking for. I better win this.

  55. Autumn says:

    I liked Baginc on fb!

  56. Autumn says:

    I liked your post about your Tiffany inspired jewelry!

  57. Autumn says:

    I follow you on twitter @autumnfharris

  58. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Kind of cute, kind of tough, and sort of badass!!!

  59. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Every girl loves hand bags, and yours look great even tho’ they don’t cost an arm and a leg! (Woo hoo!!!)

  60. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I love that you have an under $50 section (and they’re cute!)

  61. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I like you on Facebook.

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    I shared about the contest on Facebook!

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    I RT’d the contest! (@mamavalveeta03)

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    Tweeted about my favorite bag: The Jane!

  67. Aik says:

    This bag is just gorgeous! I hope I win!

  68. Aik says:

    “Like” you on Facebook – Aik Chien

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    Follow you on Twitter @aikchien

  70. ng says:

    love the bag!!!awesome giveaway!!
    left a comment on the wall[Ng Zw]
    post it on facebook

  71. Elena says:

    I hope I win!

  72. quinie says:

    nice bag! enter me 😀

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    Leong Quinie

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    posted on FB

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  78. Elena says:

    ‘Like’ you on FB /Elena Rudaya/

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  80. Jennifer gersch says:

    this bag is great

  81. Jade C. says:

    This bag is fabulous. Will be leaving more comments on your blog entries + liking you on FB! :)

  82. Angela K says:

    I tweeted a link to one of your blog posts:

  83. Diana says:

    I love the studs on this bag. It’s fun and a little bit daring. thanks.

  84. Jenny Stamos says:

    Love the studs on this bag!

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    Love this giveaway

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    Should put those on separate comments actually: I commented on BagInc’s FB wall

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  99. malkatz says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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    I “like” your Facebook page.

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    I posted on your Facebook Wall.

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    I follow you on Twitter.

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    I “liked” one of your posts.

  104. Rosa says:

    The bag is amazing!! instant love!

  105. Magali says:

    Great bag… would love to win!

  106. hofken says:

    I love this bag. It is a little bit edgy and a little bit classy.

  107. hofken says:

    I “Like” you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson

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  111. Julia says:

    i’m following on bloglovin

  112. Leah says:

    I’d like to enter. Hope it is an international giveaway :-)

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  115. Grace Wong says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, love the bag!

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    I like you on twitter as Grace Wong!

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    I follow you on twitter as gracewong1!

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  121. styleezta says:

    that bag is gorg…i die!

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  126. ewhatley says:

    Great bag. Love the studs.

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  130. jen gersch says:

    i love this bag

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    Like” a post on our Facebook wall

  133. Brianna Beers says:

    I would love a new bag!! Hope I can win this, I would really be greatful!!

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    I like Bag Inc. on FB @Brianna Beers

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  139. Rebecca Honey Graham says:

    This is a gorgeous purse!

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  141. Dana says:

    Following on twitter! @haniday. Love this bag and love the selections on your site!

  142. anissa says:

    love it

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  145. hofken says:

    Tweeted Lady Gaga Makes a Sonic Splash at Couture Week post

  146. jill says:

    Love this bag!

  147. Charity S. says:

    I really love this bag.

  148. Charity S. says:

    “Like” you on Facebook.

    charity s.

  149. I am looking forward to looked over way more of your current well written articles, have a pleasant day!

  150. Irene says:

    so sorry I missed it! my favourite shape…

  151. Anna K says:


  152. Jessica Dearnley says:

    such a gorgeous bag <3

  153. An Reefer says:

    I’m happy You mention about this issue;

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