Back to School Leather Satchel

| April 11, 2013 at 9:21 PM

Back To School Satchel Black

Ladies, are you returning home from a wild Spring Break? Ain’t no shame in letting your hair down and partying the holiday away. Even the most prim and proper girls let loose during this time. We’re not talking about career-risking activities — just more colorful, fun flirty outfits. But when you go back to college, you may want to look a little more put together and polished.

If you feel like you let yourself get a little bit too sloppy, this Back to School faux leather satchel will neatly pull together your outfits and have you looking super classy again. You can grip it from the top handle or wear it as a shoulder bag. This bag would look just as good on the arm of a hot model as it would on a femme fatale lady lawyer.

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