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Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California on April 16, 2012 showing off her new ring.

When Angelina Jolie stepped out of the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. recently, she shocked fans and the general public alike with her massive engagement ring. Her outfit was demure and business-like all at once and the bag screamed old-school glamour.

This Yves Saint Laurent leather tote is the perfect style of handbag for a woman who wants to be taken seriously. The sturdy shape and size of the handles make it easy to carry at the forearm, ready to be shown off.

The cream color can complement just about any outfit and the bling that adds a little zing to the outfit is the gold “Y” in the center of the bag that adds the hint of it being a designer piece.




The blogosphere has been buzzing with news of a Lady Gaga handbag. If Gaga is trying to put her stamp of individuality on Hermes, she’s doing a fantastic job. The Lady Gaga handbag pictured above is not sold in stores. That’s because Lady Gaga took the classic Birkin and put her own spin on it, adding the spikes herself. Likewise, she took a classic white Birkin bag and marked it up with Japanese characters that translate into, I love little monster, Tokyo love.

With Lady Gaga’s far reaching influence on fashion, it is only a matter of time before her name becomes synonymous with a label. It’s a good marketing strategy. We think it’s time for a legit collaboration. Little Monsters the world over would be clamoring for a piece of Lady Gaga merchandise. Who wouldn’t want an original Lady Gaga handbag? Listen up, Hermes: That’s money in the bank.

When Lady Gaga’s spiked Birkin went virile on the internet, fans tried desperately to find a version for themselves. No one can afford to hire Lady Gaga to hand-alter handbags, but we at BagInc aim to please. We created our own version of the stunning and covetable Lady Gaga bag

Instead of adding an astrononical price-tag to it (Birkins cost thousands of dollars and usually have years-long wait lists), we’re making this fashion-forward Lady Gaga handbag affordable. Own a piece of Lady Gaga history today!

As they say, you can never go wrong with black and Rosario Dawson proves it here. Sporting a beautiful smile and looking just as confident, Rosario can be seen dressed in black, carrying a classic Bottega Veneta that goes oh-so-well with her all-black look. Now imagine her wearing a pair of stylish jeans and tough sports shoes instead of those classy boots. The Bottega Veneta will still look just as cool in that new avatar!

Just like our fashionable and designer style handbag The Grand Boulevard Woven Large Tote Black which can go really well with a formal as well as casual look. A special mention for our bags double faced woven synthetic leather body!

Grand Boulevard Woven Large Tote Black

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