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| December 20, 2010 at 4:35 PM

No fashion and celebrity oriented blog could exist without at least one post dedicated to the inimitable style of Lady Gaga. With her twisted, avant-garde sense of dress, and her willingness to make herself ugly for spectacle, there is no end to the onslaught of her particular brand of fashion. Whether it’s meat dresses, covering her body in pearl pustules, claws, or S&M masks, Lady Gaga is always pushing the boundaries of imagination.
However, the Lady Gaga we know now is not the one we knew before. She has gradually become more and more eccentric with her clothing choices. What is interesting is that the public still reacted with shock to her earlier, tamer style: crazy sunglasses, blunt bangs, Clara Bow lips, and giant shoulderpads. With her growing sense of identity and her very individual Gaga brand of mania, her demented style grew, and the public’s expectations of shock and outrage grew with it. No one really made a big deal when she decked herself out in a meat dress. We’ve come to expect this kind of thing from her. It seems like the more she pushed the envelope, the more famous she became. She’s been around for only three years, and has amassed such a following that she has completely eclipsed all other pop stars, in the world!
We wanted to take you on a short style journey where we chronicle some of her earlier looks and some of her looks now. Through these pictures you can see how much she’s changed.

Back when she was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta:

After her change to Lady Gaga, she still had dark hair for a little while. This is her at Lollapalooza in 2007, before she was a household name:

Some photos from early in her career:

Classic Gaga style (After “The Fame” came out in 2008):

Her famed “Clara Bow” lips

Blunt bangs, long platinum hair, sunglasses, and a silk red hoodie used to be part of her signature look.

Outrageous to us then, but tame by her present standards.

Neo-Gaga Style (Post-“Bad Romance” Music Video Release)

The Caution Tape Outfit from the “Telephone” video that launched a thousand Halloween costumes.

Most Memorable Outfits/Moments:

Bubble Outfit from the Cover of Rolling Stone

Machine Gun Bra Cover of Rolling Stone

Her bloody performance finale at the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

Accepting her award for Best New Artists at the 2009 MTV Music Awards from a very shocked Eminem.

Her Phantom of the Opera Mask that she wore on her date with Kermit the Frog

Her famous Kermit the Frog dress.

The Pearl Pustule outfit.

The Meat Outfit.

Playing a burning piano.

With Elton John at the 2010 Grammy Awards Show.

Barbed Wire Dress at the Grammys.

It seems like every fashionista worth their weight in Manolo’s has a deep and reverent respect for Lady Gaga. She does what no one else dares to do, and she does it without looking back. She is so confident and so self-assured, that this attitude towards life alone is enough to create a cult following. At Baginc, we love Lady Gaga, and we created our Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag to look like her personally customized Birkin. Own a little piece of Gaga’s famed look with this gorgeous, dangerous, creative handbag:

Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag

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  1. Jade C. says:

    The irony lies in the fact that Lady Gaga’s confidence only comes from her insurmountable fear of insecurity and vulnerability.

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