Celebrity Bag Matching Game!

| December 31, 2010 at 8:22 PM

We had an idea for a fun interactive game for our blog readers: the matching game. So many celebrities have unique signature style. The bags they carry make sense for them. Like elementary school quizzes, we are going to create a matching game for our readers. There are no “right” answers. Just tell us the celebrity you think most matches the Bag Inc bag!


After we compile the results, we will let you know what choices our readers made!


***(Bag A will be on the Left, Bag B will be on the Right)***


Jada Pinkett Smith





A) The IT Vintage Leather Bag or B) Shopaholic Dreamed Leather Bag





Lindsay Lohan

A) Fashionista Frugal Studded Bag or B) Alexy Crossbody Bag




Jennifer Lopez

A) Jacqueline Vintage Bag or B) Runway Show Leopard Print Tote





Katy Perry

A)The Next IT Bag or B) The Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag




Kim Kardashian

A) Marceau Luxurious Leather Bag or B)The Inescapable It Bag of the Decade






A) The Must Have Bag of the Year or B) Desperate Housewives Snakeskin Tote




Cate Blanchett

A) Tyra B Stunning Leather Shoulder Bag or B) Kellia Calfskin Tote

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