5 Bags, 5 Ways

| December 29, 2010 at 7:59 PM

At Bag Inc, we know that bags are not the only option for accessorizing. There are hundreds of other inexpensive ways to improve your wardrobe with well-placed accessories like earrings, necklaces, tights, leggings, scarves, hats and more. So, it was our thinking that if you wanted to see how a bag would work with your wardrobe that we’d show you how we’d accessorize with our bags.


We created a few style sets with out most popular bags and paired them with accompanying accessories for inspiration.


Kellia Accessories



Featuring our Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Bag.

This bag is enough of a statement piece that you’ll want to keep the rest of your accessories minimal. A spiky cuff, glittery shoes, fur vest and bright red sunglasses would compliment this bag perfectly. Try a combo of these accessories, or all of them together.

Rosette Accessories



Featuring our The Flower Blossom Bag.

You don’t want to overdo it with the flowers, because this bag has it covered. A simple pair of rosette stud earrings, lace gloves, some fun polka dot tights, and ladylike pumps help create a soft, feminine look to accompany this bag. Think grown-up tea time.

Rue Saint Honore Accessories




Featuring our Rue Saint Honore Bag.

We took cues from the hardware on the Rue Saint Honore bag and accessorized from there. We used a black hat and shoes and gold earrings to compliment the black and gold details of this bag. The elbow-length leopard gloves were added to spice up the look.

We paired this modern, vibrant bag with a classic Marilyn Monroe vintage look. Leopard booties, siren red lipstick, oversized glasses and a simple gold cuff will elevate your style to Mad Men status.

Abbey Road Bag Accessories



Featuring our Abbey Road City Bag.

We took this gorgeous neutral bag and paired it with bright accessories for a fun, casual look.


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  1. Jade C. says:

    I like the first set – edgy and glam without being too outrageous.

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