May 2014

Goldie Mini Yellow
If you’re entering summer without a few bright accessories, you may be doing it wrong. Nothing adds a spring in your step quite like a yellow handbag. With the Goldie Mini Leather bag in yellow and a few comic book accents, you’ll feel like something out of an retro comic. If you’re worried about your look getting too over the top, keep it soft and flirty with a couple of soft, neutral pieces. That’s how you can incorporate a bold skirt or a loud bag without looking like a flashy billboard. Bring it on, summer sun!

Goldie Mini Leather Bag Purple

One bag, two looks? More like one bag, endless looks. When you’re going with a solid color as lovely as this light mauve, the options are endless. In this case, we stuck to one era – the 60s – but created two wildly different looks. If you’d been a free spirit hippie, the flower-power look on the right would have been yours. Mod, preppy girls would have gone for the glam squad look the right. What’s great is how these styles were created from clothing currently available so you can be whatever you want, right now. The Goldie Mini Leather bag in purple will help you tie your look together, whether you choose mod, hippie or both!

Goldie Mini Leather Bag Black

One thing fashionistas agree about for this summer is how black is back. No, not in time for winter, but for this summer season. First of all, it’s not summer unless you have a few trips planned. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation or even more, you have to take into consideration that it’s a lot more convenient to travel light. There are less fees, it’s easier to get to the hotel and back to the airport and you feel less guilty when you buy new clothes at your vacation hotspot. That’s why it’s incredibly convenient to pick up black pieces – you can mix and match them with endless options. Key pieces that are infinitely useful are black pants, shorts, tops and accessories like sunglasses or the Goldie Mini Leather bag in black.


So much is trendy about the look above. The 90’s dress, for one. If you haven’t seen Iggy Azalea’s 90’s throwback video for “Fancy”, put it on and click repeat. The infectiously catchy pop song is a recreation of all our favorite scenes and looks from the fab movie Clueless. The dress above may have been a little less Cher and a little more Tai, but we love it. It’s looks, cute, quirky and super comfortable – way more than tight-fitted and prone-to-overheating skinny jeans. The pop culture and comic book inspired accessories are a way style the look so it looks up to date. The white Haylee Mini Leather bag is just the best way to keep it it chic without letting it get too goth, Daria-style.

Dangerous Love Top Handle
When you’ve got a bag called the “Dangerous Love” top handle bag, you know you’ve got to get a little creative with your outfit choices. Sure, you can be the girl who’s too cool to care, but it’s a lot more fun to go all out and dress it up. The look we’ve created above is stylish and edgy to help you skip the line at the world’s hottest clubs just for being drop-dead good looking. If you were wondering how to do a dangerous animal print, it’s not by toning it down, it’s by embracing it and loving your wild side.

Goldie Medium Black
A big trend for this summer is retro bathing suits. Sure, the smaller you get the more heads you’ll turn, a la Kate Upton, but if you want to be more than hot and super chic a la the pages of Vogue instead, check out the gorgeous one pieces designers have been turning out for this pool season. Even tank dresses aren’t basic anymore – you find those which look like works of intricately beaded art. And when your outfit is this stunning, a straw beach bag just won’t do. You’ll be needing a stylish leather bag to hold your sunscreen and summer reading. Check out the Goldie Medium Leather bag in black – it’s the kind of bag that will last through many seasons of wear and tear as well as outlast all kinds of trends.

Vanessa Black

There has never been a more stylish gold skirt than this one. This year, a lot of designer ranges have been inspired by art. Each year, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel pays homage to a different civilization by creating a range inspired by those styles, fabrics, colors and art. Since it’s summer, the idea of lounging around in the sun probably makes designers think of the beautiful attire of Greeks and Romans because without fail, these trends show up in cycles each year. This year, it’s a little more intense than just your average gladiator sandals. The beautiful head pieces are a must-have, even if you have to a wait for a music festival before they can look appropriate. And as with any look, an elegant black bag is what you need to tie it together with sophistication. We recommend the Vanessa Large tote in suede black leather. This one’s been going strong for years and is now a new classic.

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