March 2014

Never Full Leather Tote Brown
Everyone needs a luxurious looking bag in brown leather because it’s incredibly multipurpose. It’s neutral enough to go with any outfit while still being bold and making a statement. Even if you’re not a fabulously wealthy European heiress, you can still look like a million bucks with this bag. You don’t even have to be an equestrian to pair it with gorgeous leather boots. After all, not everyone who wears cowboy boots goes riding every day. All that matters is loving the style and being able to enjoy it. Enjoy the Never Full Leather Tote.

Vanessa Medium Tote In Leather Croc Effect Black
Here’s a dilemma every girl faces when she wants to look drop dead gorgeous while on a night out. You’ve got your ultra sexy dress on, your smoldering eye makeup and a layer of intense lip color. But your cell phone and credit card won’t fit in your clutch. Your bigger purses and bags are too casual to look good with your uber sexy dress. What do you carry? That’s where the Vanessa Medium Tote in Leather Croc Effect comes in. It’s black, so it goes with all those sexy nightclub dresses. It’s croc effect leather, so it looks intense enough for a night out, not like just some work bag. And luckily, it’s professional enough to carry to work! Win win.

Dangerous Love Top Handle Bag Wine And Black
If it’s your dream to like like one of the finest street style bloggers hanging out Milan or Paris Fashion Week, snap up Baginc’s Dangerous Top Handle bag in Wine and Black. This colorblocked bag has a fun suede look and comes in quirky color blocking patterns. Wine and Black just happens to be one of our favorite combinations this bag comes in but there are so many more, including animal prints, snake print and other colors. It’s fashion forward, very trendy and yet very subtle and chic. You just can’t go wrong with this bag.

Catherine Leather Flag Bag Champagne
Black, gold and bronze. No matter what’s going on in the fashion world or on the fashion runways of this or that Fashion Week, this combination will always look good. Even if you splurge on that dress or these shoes now, they’ll still be trendy years from now because they more than trendy, they’re inherently stylish. Style doesn’t fade. That’s why the Catherine Leather Flag bag in Champagne is worth investing in. Another great thing about metallic accessories is how easy they are to pair with just about any kind of outfit.

Dangerous Love Top Handle Bag Black And Green
There are few bags out there that are as stunning as the Dangerous Love Top Handle bag in Black and Green. The faux snake print comes in such an electric blue that it will make you want to add more of this beautiful color to your outfit, like in the form of this hot blazer. The rest of the bag is a more subdued, rich blue. This is the kind of bag that will make you look you’re the owner of a multi-million dollar apartment somewhere in Manhattan. Don’t forget the white accessories to make the bag stand out even more, like a prize on your arm.

Le Prestige City Bag Zebra NavyZebra print accessories are a fun way to add life to a simple white sundress. Now that it’s spring, break out a pair of printed pumps or a beauty of a bag like the Le Prestige City by Baginc. This quirky look will make you feel like a wealthy South African heiress on her way to a luxury safari. Don’t forget to add a quilted belt to accentuate your waist. Top your look off with an elegant hat. Not only does a well-crafted hat have old-school charm, it’s a great way to protect sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Vanessa Medium Tote In Suede Leather WineHere’s a look so trendy and simultaneously sexy that it would make any Kardashian wild with envy. Crop tops are all the rage these days. It may be a little painful to crunch your way to abs good enough to show off, but that’s the price we pay for fashion. Even if belly-baring isn’t your thing, you can still rock these chic houndstooth skinnies. Know what looks great with a black and white look? A burgundy or wine red bag that draws all eyes to itself like it knows its a star. That would be the Vanessa Medium Tote in Suede Leather Wine. Add a pair of monochrome shoes to the mix and you’re good to go.

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