August 2013

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

Still looking for that one brightly colored bag that will add a touch of vibrance to your look? Look no further than the Whitney Smooth Leather bag in yellow. This fresh pop of color is an asset to any stylista’s wardrobe no matter what the season. It doesn’t hurt that one of this year’s biggest trends is neons and bright colors. You can thank the 90’s for helping them make a comeback.

The  Whitney bag is available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and prints. If you don’t have one already, this one is a great one to start your collection with.

Whitney Cowhide Smooth Leather Bag Yellow

RockStar Calfskin Leather Bag Red
Every girl needs at least one studded tote. Sometimes you need a big bag and it’s not easy to find one that looks chic and gets the job done. Too many shopper totes are shapeless and lacking in style but even when you go big, you can stay stylish. This leather bag doubles as a shopper tote because of its roomy interior. The red color and studded outline are unmistakably rockstar quality. Whether you need a tote to go to the beach, the library, the mall or an outdoor festival, take along the Rockstar tote. Don’t forget to order it in red for extra pizzaz.

Kim Kardashian Jewelry

When you’re famous, there’s constant pressure to look trendy and inspire new trends among your fanbase. Although Kim Kardashian can afford to wear diamonds every day of the year, doing so would alienate her among her hordes of fashion followers. It also helps her to stay relevant to try beauty looks others can also achieve, like this celeb stye ID chain necklace. It’s gold, one of the staple metals for jewelry but it has a non-traditional look for most necklaces. Even though the rest of her outfit is very grown up, the necklace keeps it fresh and youthful.

Celebrity Style ID Chain Chocker Necklace Rose Gold

Melrose Glam Butterflies Scarf White
Butterflies are making a comeback as one of this year’s most feminine trends. What’s a girl to do when her favorite seasons are spring and summer but it’s time to start bundling up for fall? Even though there’s a nip in the air, you can incorporate florals and butterflies into your outfit by donning a printed scarf. Worn the wrong way, butterflies can look childlike but when the print is mature and sophisticated, they lend an air of utter classiness to an outfit. Just ask Mariah Carey, who went through a butterfly phase for a decade.

Melrose Glam Butterflies Scarf White

Christina Union Jack Box Clutch
You don’t need a UK passport to enjoy the glory of the Union Jack print. This lively design is not only great for declaring yourself an Anglophile but is colorful as well. Whether you’re wearing black, red, white or blue, you can add a Union Jack somewhere in your look. In this case, it’s Baginc’s Christina Box Clutch, which is a fave look among celebs on both sides of the Atlantic. The quirky bag doubles as glam, depending on what you wear it with.


Emma Top Handle Leather Bag Yellow

Canary yellow is one of the best colors for accessories. It’s an easy way to invest in color without letting it dominate your entire look. This way, you can wear an all white outfit or a soft, flowery print and keep it from being boring.  A brightly colored bag is excellent for boosting your own mood or creating a festive look for special days. Whether you’re headed to a fancy lunch with the girls, an end of summer picnic or a stroll in the park, this is the kind of bag which will be perfect.

The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag

You can never have enough Route 66 bags. The look of these designer inspired bags is so versatile that you can wear them in pretty much any way. With a white T and denim shorts, the look becomes very Western, cowgirl Americana. Paired with leather pants and sultry makeup, it becomes edgy. With all the colors it’s available in, you can’t have just one. Start with the gorgeous blue one, which is currently on SALE!

The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag Blue

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