July 2013

When you spend a ton of money buying the best of what technology has to offer, it’s only natural that you want your device to look as stylish as possible. The makers of the iPhone specialize in creating a phone with the most stylish interface but when millions of other people have the same device, it becomes impossible to stand out.

There are so many available covers out there but the poorly made ones cheapen the look of the sleek phone. The blingy, glittery and rhinestoned sets can be cute but these days they’re a dime a dozen. This trendy blue iPhone case has a unique look and texture. It’s eye catching without going over the top. Just the right fit.


For women in their late teens, early to mid-twenties and beyond, the Vanessa tote is the perfect way to add maturity to your look. This elegantly designed bag has a quirky look because of the fun color-blocking effect, yet it manages to look chic as well because of its classic shape.

The square design and top handle keep it looking classic – which is why its perfect for a woman of any age. Even mature ladies will find that it adds a touch of trendiness to their outfit. The demure chocolate/pink/burgundy color combination certain helps as well.

vanessa-medium-tote-in-smooth-leather-black-pink-whiteThis color combo of the Vanessa tote in black/pink/white is reminiscent of a Malibu Barbie – only if she were to mature into a more glamorous version of herself. Girls who love pink, pink n black combinations, princesses and all things girly should be able to rock this Vanessa tote with aplomb – even if you’re not a California girl.

We simply can’t get enough of the Vanessa tote. The shape is an absolute classic which has replaced most other bag styles to reach the top of the trend list. It will go down as one of the defining styles of our era but the variations in shapes and colors are what make it so versatile and popular.

This version of the Vanessa medium comes in Grain Leather Light Blue. The fantastic color alone is reason enough to snap up this bag. Depending on who you are, this color may remind you of periwinkle blue crayons of youth or even of the interior decor of Marie Antoinette’s palace in Versailles. It is truly tres chic.

If you’re celebrating a milestone for yourself like a birthday, graduation or job promotion, reward yourself with the Essential Jane Bag in Orange. Nothing screams “success” and prosperity better than this classic arm accessory. This shape goes back decades and no one’s gotten sick of it yet. In fact, a good quality bag of this style can be so hard to find that in some places, people choose to get waitlisted for years just for a chance to snap it up. The orange version is an icon in its own right.

The people who were growing up in the 90s are all grown up now and super nostalgic for the things that were in back when MTV ruled the airways. That means midriffs are all the rage again and you better be working on your abs. Neons are super cool once again and even if you don’t have a lime green tank to show off your arms in, you can still rock this Vanessa Medium Tote in Lemon.

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to rock a tote as fancy as this one. In fact, if looking like a stuck up WAG or uptight reality star isn’t your thing, perk up this glam bag with a youthful color to keep it real. Real trendy, that is.

The Shirley Top Handle bag is more than just a staple black carry-all bag. It’s also much more than your average flap bag or shoulder bag in terms of style. The perforated leather isn’t just a stylized carving design – it’s a work of art.

The look the bag is going for is open to interpretation. Those who have a love for all things vintage will see a hint of 1930’s Hollywood Noir while others may see throwback to the designs of ancient civilizations. What isn’t up for debate is the fact that this one’s a beauty.

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