June 2013

Route 66 Red

It’s a tried and tested style choice that always works. Whenever you’re wearing an outfit which is dark and sombre-hued, grab one statement accessory to perk it up. Don’t get us wrong – a black and gray outfit is anything but dull. The leather tights and fur vest are vampy and exciting. But to go the extra mile, add a red bag like the Route 66 Satchel. The exterior design of the bag is sleek and chic – understated. The color, however, is what really draws the eyes towards the holder. It’s attention grabbing but subtly so, balanced in a way most fashionistas aim for.

When it comes to classic pieces to add to your handbag collection, Baginc’s got you covered. If you’re looking to add some trendy, glam accessories to your outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to stay within budget. This luxury designer-inspired handbag is made of genuine leather. Because of it’s superior manufacturing, it’s simplicity makes it look even more elegant. Grab yourself one of these and pair it with a retro monochrome tankini. After all, a trip to the beach or the poolside is incomplete without something glam on your arm.

Corrine Woven Leather Hobo CamelYou can never have enough neutral bags in your handbag collection. Statement bags that come in funky colors are also a must but those can only be used to a certain extent. You need to have the perfect outfit to go with a bag in a wild color but when you’re living a hectic life, you need a wide variety of bags that will go with everything. If you don’t snap up a good one every time you see one, you’ll be left with only a couple of bags that you have to rotate again and again. Don’t sacrifice style for practicality because you can have both.

The Corrine Woven Leather Hobo in Camel goes with everything. Pastels are complemented perfectly. Dark hues can never go wrong when paired with camel. Even a black outfit looks better paired with beige, camel or tan instead of more black. This spacious bag is even better with a woven leather texture to keep it from being dull.


baginc-hilary-d-loveliness-tote-grey-6 (1)One of the most difficult things about finding a large, oversized tote that will carry all your daily essentials is making sure it is good looking as well. It’s easy to find a huge bag but it’s so hard to find one that doesn’t make you look like a frumpy old baglady!

The Hilary D Loveliness Tote is perfect for the job. It has a metallic, sequined touch so no one can ever accuse of it being dull. The custom metal chain is spot on with current trends. The criss-crossing pattern of the sequins make it truly unique and not something you can find in local shopping malls. A Baginc fan demonstrates how to rock this tote in the best possible way in the photos above!

Route 66 Black Rout 66A famous designer recently said that women who think to much about fashion and not enough about personal style fail to dress themselves well. If you think about it, it’s so true. It’s a common fashion mistake to go too overboard with fashion and deck yourself head to toe in current trends. The designer also said that she finds it easier to stay stylish by using a lot of black pieces and making sure individual items of her outfit complement each other.

This Route 66 Satchel in black  one of those key pieces that can be used to style any kind of outfit – whether it’s black, monochrome, gray or multicolored. It will look just as great whether you’re trying to create a hot streetstyle look, a casual and understated ensemble or if you just need a luxury satchel for a party night out with your girlfriends.

Wrap Bracelets

baginc-melrose-glam-red-hot-5-wrap-bracelet-on-burgundy-leather-1If you follow any of the most popular style bloggers, you’ll already know that the most famous ones are not only known for their designer outfits, shoes and handbags but their fab accessories. That’s right – when you’re dedicated to fashion, you have to look the part on every inch of your body. A gorgeous mix of bracelets can amp up your look significantly. However, it can also take a lifetime to build a worthy collection. Speed up that process by throwing on a wrap bracelet. Baginc’s street style inspired wrap bracelet in red can be your starting block – the key accessory you can enhance by adding beautiful bracelets on top or bottom.

Bright Satchel
This is definitely the year of the brightly colored satchel. If you don’t have one yet, you’re really missing out. This must-have trend is available at Bag Inc in a variety of styles. This particular spin on the look is the Oxford Mini Satchel. Three of our fave colors are the bright pink, violet and aquamarine. The gold clasps add a touch of metallic flash to the look, making it completely on trend.

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